100€ to spend in plugins

Coming back to your original question :sweat_smile:

I’ve bought the JCVM and some cab-sims. Can’t say whether Marsh or Recto are “better”. Both include some nice IRs.
I can recommend those three (JCVM, Marsh, Recto) as a “bread’n’butter” package


Thank you! JVCM sounded great when I tried it. :love_you_gesture:t6:

So updating on this… I just got my candy! :candy::lollipop:

  • Gaffa delay: it really does what you guys told me and I’m loving it :heart_eyes:
  • Shiroverb: same as above.
  • Tweaker: love the versatility and the bright channels. I can use regular NAM profiles with the DuoX but it keeps up with most stuff I’ve tried and it’s a great benchmark when trying other models.
  • Marsh cabs: they all sound great and so easy to use (looking for the perfect IR in the sea of captures is so annoying).

I hope this helps anyone in my situation in the future.

I still like the RMPro because it can fix a sound that is not there yet. However I found that I could match what it does by tweaking things a bit more. I still consider it as a great saving time tool. Maybe I’ll get it in the future.

Thanks again to all who helped me choosing!