Whats going on with tap tempo delays?

So I’ve seen the list of pedals trhat work with tap.
I really think all delays should come with a tap tempo mode built in. Its really very important to me.
The list doesn’t seem to be relevant anymore from what I’ve been able to tell. For exampl i cant get the dub delay to assign tap to any actuater. It will assign a note delay value but I cant tap in the temp i want. it just cycles through all the possible note values. whole, dotted 8th, etc etc.
What am I doing wrong?


As mentioned in List of plugins with tap tempo

We removed tap-tempo for plugins, being replaced by the tempo divider related options.
Only the global BPM can used as tap-tempo right now

So you set the global BPM as tap-tempo (by assigning it to the device footswitch 1 or 2) and then you can use the tempo mapping functions for addressing tempo-related plugin parameters


Sorry FalkTX, thanks.


Here is a tutorial on it: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Tutorial:_Using_Time_Based_Parameters

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In my GUI there’s not global tempo transport.
I have Chrome browser on macOsx.

in the bottom righthand corner of your browser, there should be a tempo with a transport button. If you click the transport button, a second menu opens that gives you more information.


Excuse me, what browser do you use? What firmware is your Mod updated to?
Because I don’t have any time and transport button…

I use both safari and chrome on MascOS Ventura, both work just fine. I am using V1.13.1.3124 which was the latest released pushed to my unit.

                     Transport button here---^

Just to make sure you are not looking for something wrong:
The “Time and Transport Button” is that element on the far left of the “status bar” like element on the bottom.
You see either the stop or play symbol, and next to it the currently set BPM.

So, not a button that reads “Time” or “Transport”.

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Now you can look yourself…

Schermata 2023-05-26 alle 02.43.17

I think it happens also to me when browsing from a Tablet or mobile, but not from a PC… perhaps related to resolution or mobile/desktop site…

You can try to disable “Developer mode” so that there are less options on the status bar. Maybe there’s not enough room for the BPM/transport button.

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that is exactly the reason. transport controls are on the left side of the “midi ports” button and it can become hidden if developer mode is on while the browser window does not have enough space to fit all the UI controls.