We need to talk about Allan

Hello everyone!

I’m open to suggestions to improve this pedalboard and how to recreate Allan’s lead tone.


I liked your audio recording for this pedalboard so much that I loaded it up in my PE Tracker and am jamming a track around it now.
Hope you don’t mind :#


I’m glad you liked and that the sound inspires you to make music with It.
But what’s a PE tracker? LoL
Are you triggering other sounds with the pedalboard sound sample?


It’s a https://polyend.com/tracker/

I’m actually just playing your 3 chord sound on a loop and then made some beats around it. Sounds a bit Boards of Canada like if I say so myself :slight_smile:

Will share once the track is done!


oh so the possibility of sounding really nice is big :wink:
I’m curious to listen that jam :slight_smile:


Ok embargo was finally over (was for a monthly synth challenge and couldn’t release before hehe).
Ended up with something quite different than I thought when I started jamming with it. Thnx again for the sample!


very very cool!
I’m already jamming with it and had a couple of ideas :wink:


I just tried this and it sounds amazing! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @Techno !
I´m glad You liked.

Wow, this pedalboard sounds really fine! Thanks for sharing!

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I think there was a project of setting up a currated list of the most popular, best sounding pedalboards at some point, wasn’t there @gianfranco ?

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we did @Azza but it did not fly :slight_smile:

I am all up for trying again though if someone has an idea.

I just went down into the analytics and got some insightfull info.


How difficult would it be to add a like button to each pedalboard and to add the possibility to sort them according to their number of like ? Or something similar?

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On the other hand, that might not be the best approach : it would reflect the tastes of the community (or maybe even just a more active subset of the community) without being so helpful to newcomers. So maybe we need a team of people with good knowledge and willing to curate a list, not only according to their tastes but also according to a well defined and accepted list of criteria (performance, usefulness as a jump board for creating more specific boards, quality of the description, easy of use etc…), and possibly creating several lists for different genres. It’s more work but could have more impact going forward.

However I realize that this thread might not be the best to discuss that. I don’t want to pollute it too much. Allan deserves better.

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just watch any video of Andertons on MultiFx pedals and their criticism on presets - especially the first one.
Take notes and recreate these. Done.

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Hello @Kim !

This pedalboard PB took me a great deal of research about Allan’s clean chords sound and his delay settings.
I’m really surprised that after one year and a half this PB post is still “reverberating” on the community.



It’s a pedalboard with a very nice clean tone, and that’s what makes it special. Rarely have I heard such a beautiful clean sound.