UI:Collapsable Folders

First off, love the UI for creating pedalboards. However, when creating large complex pedalboards the screen can get a bit messy/confusing. It would be wonderful to be able to group objects into some type of collapsible container/folder, sort of like a mini pedalboard within the pedalboard in order to group objects together just to clean things up to make it easier to see routing.



You took the words from my mouth! That was exactly what I was going to ask/suggest.

In some “object” programming software (Max, Bidule, etc) it is possible to collapse some objects in ‘groups’. Logic Pro’s Environment also allowed for that.

The difficulty with the MOD platform could be how controls would be mapped to the pedals inside that group or folder. For instance, it could be the case that, once one such group is created, you’d lose the ability to control inner parameters. The MOD folks can offer a better perspective here.

There shouldn’t be a difficulty in control mapping if it’s a purely graphical change.

I had asked similar questions before. There were also good ideas / contributions as an answer.

It would also be nice to be able to copy some portions of a given pedalboards into another one.

For instance, if someone often uses some of these “blocks” and want to mix and match them, they could copy/paste them to their new pedalboard instead of having to rebuild it from scratch.


Or even the option to insert another pedal board into the one being created - or am I just being silly now?


Not to drop @jon in it… but check out this thread :wink:

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Honestly, Id love that. It feels a little annoying given that I use the same trash metal type guitar tone in almost all our songs but I do a pedalboard per track since I do alot of synths and stuff.
If I could alter my trash tone and have that be edited in all patches using it I would be very very happy.

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I’ve been a bit out on the last days (a lot of Dwarf work over here).
On a quick look at what @Azza is saying…yeah, you should really keep an eye on the following updates. Can’t tell you much more.