Tuner 3,5% wrong

For me as a bass player the cent number is completely irrelevant. As long as there is a correct +/- bar visible I don’t care about 1.5 or 0.3 or 27.345678 :slight_smile:

That is true as long you are not going to do intonation :wink:


thanks to @brummer testing and attempts at fixing this we might have found an issue.
a string conversion (for message passing) is not being done in the correct way, so the cents value as received by the controller side can end up being wrong.
issue has been there since the Duo days (so basically since the start) but was not very noticeable there as used to use a lower precision for the “cents” value.

here is a Dwarf OS image/build with this data type fix https://pipeline.mod.audio/image/655521f2702cac5387451ce1/file


thanks, @falkTX … that works well, except the C number is wrong by a factor of 100. i.e. the decimal point should move two digits to the right.

a frequency which is 10 cents sharp reads as +0.10 C
a frequency which is 20 cents flat reads -0.20 C

…or are you regarding this as a decimal semitone value? if so, it shouldn’t be labeled as Cents, right? as it stands, it’s confusing…


you are right, the cents as shown on screen should be -49 to 49 range.
here is a new build with a proposed fix https://pipeline.moddevices.com/image/655b807b8a93ccfa8d5bb3b3/file

let me know what you think, thanks

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hi @falkTX – thanks for all your work on this - i’m glad this thing is getting sorted out! i don’t use the tuner, but it seems like a good thing to get right for other folks! :wink:

the numbers all look correct now.

however, i’m wondering about the functionality of the graph at the bottom. as it stands, here’s what’s happening:

-9 to +9 : indicator at the centre position.
+10 to +19 : indicator at 1/2 tick-mark. (mirror for -)
+20 to +29 : indicator at 1 tick-mark (mirror for -)
+30 to +39 : indicator at 1-1/2 tick-marks (mirror for -)
+40 to +49 : indicator at 2 tick-marks (mirror for -)

questions about all that:

  1. why are we only using 2/5 of the available graph space?
  2. why do we have such big jumps, when there’s clearly room for intermediate graph readings? (as it stands, the graph has only a 10C resolution - and only 20C around 0)
  3. why is the graph indicator just a moving 1-pixel line? (it would be much more readable as a solid bar, expanding in the + or - direction)


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hey @falkTX … i think the changes you’ve made to the tuner display in Release 1.13.4 are really great. …a really good balance between detailed information and “it’s close enough or it’s not”! :wink:

for my money, i’d just suggest one very small tweak:

the moving bottom half of the bar graph (when we’re beyond ±10C) currently is only 2 pixels wide… there’s one more available pixel – 3 pixels would just make it more clear from a distance.

…my $0.02… thanks for all your work!!

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@plutek The bar graph has the following specs:
Top bar resolution 0.1 cent (0.2 cent per tick mark, total 1 cent), height 1 pixel
middle bar resolution 1 cent ( 2 cent per tick mark, total 10 cent) height 3 pixel
bottom bar resolution 10 cent ( 10 cent per tick mark, total 49,9 cent), height 2 pixel.