Tape Delay

Found this:

looks interesting. ever thought about adding it?
Cheers max

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Did you try it?
How does it behave and sound?

No have not compiled it yet.

have been looking around for space-echo/tape delays in the open source world and found this…

there are binaries in there if you dig around. i tried out a VST build - it’s very heavy, CPU-wise (approx 30x the CPU burn of Floaty), it goes into a LOT of effort with the tape model, and sounds pretty nice.


thanks for the info!
so the big question: is the modx capable cpu-wise to handle this…maybe @falkTX will give it a try :smiley:

So how is sounding comparing to the analog echo from calf studio suite?

Hey guys, I’m new here & can’t post my own topic, but I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to find audio examples of the LV2 plugins available for the mod dwarf etc. But I can’t really find them. The one thing holding me back from copping the Mod Dwarf is that I don’t know if it can create tape delays that approach the beauty of the Strymon Tape delays such as el capistan, timeline, etc. Is there any way I can listen to plugs like the gaffa? Would appreciate some guidance <3


Hello @ludicrouSpeed Ryan,

I had the time to send some prerecorded guitar tones to record them in the Mod Duo.
You might hear them on the MOD pedalboards page.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

I was thinking to put some example but on youtube to have more time to see it in action.

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Hi Marius. I did see some audio examples on the pedalboards page. Some sweet tones. I guess I’ve just got a very specific sound I’m trying to achieve.

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Oh hey I just saw you put some new ones up! Thank you so much!

One more question: how much does the gaffa cost?

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Ooh Gaffa sounds GOOD! Reminds me of el cap for sure.

Wondering if the repeats can be MIDI synced, and how much it costs to buy the plugin.

Hello @ludicrouSpeed,
glad you could hear more clearly what could be achieved with Gaffa alone.
Please have a look at this post in the announcing thread.

Maybe @jon or @BramGiesen can tell you how much you have to pay.

I am very pleased also with the Shiroverb MkII from @SHIRO-Plugins Nino

Greetings and God bless, Marius

@ludicrouSpeed I recorded some quick samples as well, hope it helps. The presets were kept as is (with a generously wet mix). Also, thanks @mj_prod !


the price: 12.99 euro


Hi Ryan,

First of all, I updated your trust level on the forum, so I believe that you can already create your own posts (please confirm if that’s accurate).

Regarding your price question about Gaffa, it costs 12.99€. It’s indeed a super cool plugin :wink:

oh ok…thanks for the help :wink:

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