Synth plugin with pitch bend


Does anybody know if there’s a synth plugin that supports pitch midi bend messages? I’m using TAL Noise Maker and I’m not able to do that.

I’m using my guitar connected to a Fishman Triple Play or a Sonuus i2m (both set for sending pitch bend messages) and they work great when I use soundfonts, I can play with vibrato or bends, but when I use a synth plugin it jumps to the nearest note.

Or maybe it’s possible to set the synth for doing that?

Short answer: at least one I know does. In this post FalkTX describes the DIE Fluid Synth as a poly capable SF2 player. (Or multi-timbral if you will.)

Quick question: are you using the TP in poly or mono mode? (That is: 1 channel per string or all strings on a single channel?) This affects the overall behaviour of plugins/synths considerably. Some just drop PB messages entirely upon receiving more than one. Not all hardware synths are poly/multi-timbral friendly either.

The Tal Noise Maker has a “Voices” setting, maybe this will allow multi-timbral inputs?

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 10.40.20 AM

Sorry I can’t test any of that now, been a crazy time for me here.

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With Die Fluid Synth it works perfectly, at least with the sf2 I’m using. But that’s the thing, it works with soundfont (which I love), but for synths I prefer a plugin that generates sound by itself.

Normally in mono mode. I will try in poly to see if it makes any difference. I thought it was just a matter of using one or multiple midi channels.

I think that “Voices” setting is for polyphony

Ultimately, one thing that can be done (Logic Pro users know that all too well) is to use 6 instances of a synth, one per string and filter the midi channels. If it has PB capabilities, it will respond to your dynamic playing.

The problem within the MOD is that this may bite more RAM and CPU than one would desire.

Hi SirBalckmore, I’m quite new to the topic sf2/soundfonts. Do you have some recommendations, which soundfonts to use?

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I just digged (google) and look for the soundfonts that work better and have better response to my guitar (in my case).

There’s a collection called “Ultimate soundfont pack” or something like that, that has a lot of instruments with a beautiful sound and great response.

If you have a library or instrument you like it’s possible also to create your own soundfonts, but it requires some work.