Strange issue with Arduino Shield

Sorry - inevitably I found the files on Github immediately after posting :slight_smile:

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It’s now working nicely powered just from the ControlChain cable. Turns on the relay to enable serial comms after the initial boot-up :slight_smile:


Hi @ianr what part did you use for the relay? I’ve decided to take a similar approach to you as I don’t have time to execute my approach.

Hi Guy, I think it was this -

Hi again Guy, there’s something I forgot to mention…

it works well for normal operation of the pedal having a delay before the relay kicks-in and connects the serial connection, but this is no good for programming the devices - for that you need the connection there for the outset.

So as (another) work around I’ve added a button which I press when I connect it to the USB for reprogramming. The button turns energises the relay to keep it on from the outset so that the PC can pick up the USB device when it’s plugged in and can then upload the new code.

Hope that’s of help!


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