Spin Semi FV-1 emulator to attract plugin developers from the hardware world

The Spin Semiconductors FV-1 is a popular chip for digital hardware effects like pedals and Eurorack modules. There are some really great pieces of hardware out there which make use of this chip and I’d love to see them available in the Mod ecosystem.

I’m not a DSP developer but it looks like it’s not that easy to port such code to a different environment like a x64 LV2 plugin. I saw your presentation from Loop 2017 about using gen~ to write DSP-like code for the Mod Duo but I don’t know if this would work like that for FV-1 code. Also, Max/MSP costs money and doesn’t run on every platform. This might not contribute that much to win over more developer for this platform.

So what do you think about providing a emulation/translation layer for porting DSP code for the FV-1? There’s actually a project out there which does this for vcvrack. AFAIK this is a rather different world but maybe it’s a starting point? Or am I totally overthinking this because porting DSP code is a breeze?

I wrote a tool that converts Spin ASM to Java code to be converted back to Spin ASM! Sounds weird, I know. Someone with a lot of time could possibly redo the simulation of the Spin FV-1 into C++.

I can’t include links in my posts apparently. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!


I built an efx pedal based on the FV-1 and used your tools to write some patches for it! So thank you!

And I can include links, so here:

SpinCAD Designer


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