Soundhack plugins from Pure Data externals?

Would it be possible to compile lv2 for Mod from Pure Data patches with these externals?

I think some of their plugins are open source but not 100% sure. I’d love to see Soundhack stuff ported to Mod but unfortunately don’t have the knowledge to do it myself.


Hello @Monday,

There was another forum thread on this topic a while back:

I didn’t try that and cannot report, sorry.


Yes, I’ve read about Camomile and other possible ways for compiling lv2 plugins from Pure Data patches but it’s way over my skills. I make stuff all the time with Pd but get totally lost when it comes to anything outside audio.


I’m bumping this thread while building a Max patch that uses Soundhack’s Bubbler granular delay as a Max external. It would be extremely cool to have it as a plugin for Mod and of course other Soundhack plugins as well.

Anyone with the required Pd and lv2 skills missing these plugins for Mod? :grin:

I don’t think bumping the thread will make the technical limitations go away.

It’s not possible to simply convert a pd external to an audio plugin.
Subsequently using externals with Camomile are also unlikely to just work™

There is some discussion on the topic here: Using external Pd objects · Discussion #233 · pierreguillot/Camomile · GitHub


Ok, I thought it was only my own technical limitations that were preventing myself from porting stuff like that from Pd so thanks for the clarification. Something like Soundhack’s Bubbler would be great to have in the Mod plugin store as the granular options are quite limited at the moment.