Sound metering

So this one’s a bit out there, and maybe it’s just not practical, but hear me out :wink:
Imagine if the virtual cables connecting devices could have a mode where their colour and/or brightness displayed is based on the audio level? You could much more easily see where distortion or any other issues with levels (too high or too low) is apparent.
No doubt it is going to increase CPU utilisation, so you wouldn’t just do it everywhere. But to enable when trying to hunt down signal problems would be pretty damn cool :wink:


I would say that this is a really similar request to what was being discussed in the Level control for every plugin some months ago.
Wouldn’t @brummer suggestion here work for your case?


You can always resort to the Tiny-gain and have it in multiple points of the chain :slight_smile:


Yes - I didn’t realise it had a little meter built-in. That’s great.

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there is also the x42 Level Meter: Level Meter - MOD Devices

Which does not have the color aids as the Tiny Gain, but OTOH offer more info, including holding the highest level.

when I create distortion pedalboards I often have the Level Meter on multiple positions:

  • dry guitar input
  • post distortion pedal / pre amp input
  • post amp

just watch out for how you make those connections.
using it in parallel helps to keep cpu time out of the main audio processing line.

the thread MOD Duo - Unexplained high CPU load depending on audio routing - #5 by falkTX has some more details



That MOD Duo - Unexplained high CPU load depending on audio routing - #5 by falkTX would be good if it was in the wiki.


Could you make a meter in the $plugins directly clickable via buttons? The plugin (Tiny Gain or Level Meter - The gain control cannot be adjusted.) is then loaded and automatically connected, pinned to the $plugin, and removed again when switched off.
Would it be technically possible and make sense in practice?


Oh that is often overlooked!

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I will note this one and maybe push it there. Just as sort of consulting, are you able to point a specific section/place on the wiki where you believe it should be?

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Maybe there Adding and connecting plugins or somewhere there under an extra point?

:heart: Both plugins are accessible via 2 buttons. :+1:


Really quickly put together and with a lot of copy paste (in the future we can put it a bit prettier), but tell me what you think… MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki


I think it is good, possibly illustrate with a picture.


That’s my goal. Now I just did a “quick & dirty” version so the info is there.