Separate S/PDIF output

Can the S/PDIF get a separate output?
At the moment everything that is connected to the analog output is forwarded to the S/PDIF, which - in my opinion - is not optimal. (It is a pity that it has no input.)

It can. Right now it is blocked on purpose. There are some plans to be “unlocked” in future release (not far)


I tested it already and works perfectly :wink:

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When you get it, please share some videos of your setup :wink:


…nice list of changes for DuoX… but currently “does not work Duo X Limited Edition units!” :thinking:

…will that change once this comes to full release? :pray:

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Hey plutek,

I’m hoping so, but I’m seriously considering that the LE MDX may not have the necessary juice for it.

Seems the LE MDX is less capable than the retail edition :confused:

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yes, there was a bit of a CPU bump for the retail edition; it hasn’t really been important thus far, so i’m hoping that remains the case for V1.12, but we’ll see… :crossed_fingers:


no, this wont change.
due to hardware limitations, some of the things we want to push on 1.12 for duox cannot be done on LE units (including separate spdif).
so 1.11 will become a sorta long-term-support release, where important bugfixes are imported but no new features added.

EDIT: this has to do with issues with the entire SoC, rather than “weak” CPU.
The LE has 4x 1.5GHz, while production units have 4x 1.4GHz + 2x 2.0GHz, cpu power can’t be directly compared


huh. thanks for the clarity @falkTX !

…disappointed that having an LE DuoX shuts that door for me (especially the separated spdif). well, ok, good to know; perhaps down the road i’ll jump into a production unit (…or whatever becomes the next MOD device…)

and, i suppose, it remains to be seen whether the fact that the system capabilities will diverge between devices becomes an issue, once i get my Dwarf.

side-note: i’ve been delighted to be able to support MOD by investing in kickstarter versions of ALL the devices. however, this sort of thing makes me start to wonder whether it’s not better to wait for production units… hmmm… i sincerely hope there isn’t a downturn in general willingness to invest early! of course, one could also just view it through the lens of “everything digital gets obseleted pretty soon anyways”. with regards to that general principle, i still believe MOD is exemplary in its efforts to keep devices current. thankyou!


yes, I believe so


Yes. I confirm you @dreamer. And thanks

One says 1.12 work-in-progress, while you have 1.11.3.
We found some small issues that we are fixing before public release.
I can give you an early build for testing though.


Ah, that’s a bit disappointing. Possibly time to flip my LE for a mk2.

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