Seeking Alternatives to a Boss SY-1 was: Synth pedal

And how would the user interface of such VSTs be ported on the Mod web user interface?

I agree, this is not an easy task.

Yes, no doubt there is a need for a laptop and audio interface when using Jamorigin Midi Guitar 2…i was assuming (maybe iTxncorrectly) that these would be pretty standard pieces of equipment for most folks that are into synth guitar. I can see that this would not be a cost effective option for those without this equipment, but for those with, its fairly inexpensive and easy to set up (no gk pickup required!)…

Your assumption is not wrong. Since most synth modules migrated to software starting in the late 90s, we were all thrown into a computer setup in whatever capacity. Add to that Triple Play’s doom – initially a fantastic, self-contained unit with much of the Axon’s features in a smaller unit AND wireless being turned into a highly computer-dependent flimsy plastic semi-toy.

Back in the day, I had a non-computer guitar synth rig with the Axon, a synth module, and a nice interface mixer, all in a neat rack. Worked flawlessly, and I later added a Mac mini hidden in that rack that could operate without a screen. That thing was heavy and un-flyable, though… I had to drive for gigs. Other people had VG units and could operate with them alone.

What I mentioned in my initial response though was “less footprint”, not so much cost. With the smaller SY units and the MOD you probably have enough to make a lot of sound. Using Midi Guitar app, not only you need more hardware, but think of this setup: guitar > interface > computer > midi conversion > interface > midi > Mod.

(I too assume everyone here has a computer and an audio interface, so the investment in that app makes total sense. It’s just a question of practicality and functionality on stage.)

So, if one can use the SY and MOD, that’s a modest footprint. And with a SY-1000/GP-10, one can even input midi into the MOD. Not nearly as sharp as the Triple Play, but very usable.

Yeah I built myself a Zynthian Synth months ago (while waiting for the Dwarf) on a Raspberry Pi and it’s pretty good. Even I wanted it low cost, so I used an audioinjector cheap soundcard for the Pi, it really works good. As you said there’s a problem with input impedance, but it’s easy to build or use a preamp.

I still want to try making VSTs work on a raspberry, even if it doesn’t work, it’s worth it for the learning.

I didn’t know Matt Bellamy used that setup! Having the synth integrated on the guitar is great.

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The Zynthian is cool. I had one but sold it. It had the HifiBerry custom card and my pain stems mostly from selling that one, which is no longer made. Zynthian switched to its own sound card after V4.2, not sure how good it is.

He actually used this board with Elk OS. More information on how it operates is scarce.

Elk is currently working full time towards their (fantastic!) Aloha OS, so Elk OS’s development has come to a halt. Hopefully they will pick up on that soon. The dev boards have not been produced in quite a while. When they resume production I bet my life they’re going to be at least 30% pricier… Right now an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 in Italy is selling for ~130 Euros (!!), about 45 more than less than a year ago. Not fun.

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Oy, couldn’t wait. Ordered the SY1, figuring I would have some fun for a few months, then sell it on Reverb and trade up to the 200 when it’s out. Thanks for all the advice!

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Hello @SillySovietNYC,

So how do you like your SY-1?

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Sorry for the late reply on this. The SY-1 is fun, but I don’t find myself going back to it. Now that the Dwarf has enough synth capabilities, I’ll be selling the SY-1, as I suspected at the outset.