Release 1.7.2

Hello everyone, a bugfix update for the 1.7 series is here - v1.7.2 aka “It is time to Du-du-du-d-d-d…Duo!”

It brings support for the Duo and fixes a few things we found along the way.
This is a required update for Duo X units.

NOTE: This update is considered BETA for Duo units.
You will not received an automatic update for it, but have to manually install it.
Direct link to Duo update file:

Another thing to take into consideration is that ‘aggregated MIDI mode’ is still the only available mode in this release.
This will break pedalboards on Duo units that rely on having separate MIDI ports.
Version 1.8 will have an option for ‘aggregated’ or ‘legacy’ MIDI modes.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Add bank navigation through footswitches in Duo device menu (removed per-bank option)
  • Add option to disable audio peakmeters (temporary workaround for an issue in a few Duo X units)
  • Fix device being unresponsive in case of audio host crash
  • Fix missing bluetooth USB driver support in Duo X kernel
  • Fix pedalboard zooming out too far in certain browsers
  • Fix trigger-type controls in Duo X
  • Implement logarithmic controls for Duo X potentiometers
  • Merge Duo’s “Fine gain” and “Gain stage” into a single “Input gain” control in device menu
  • Update Duo device menu to match new design (similar to Duo X)

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo and/or MOD Duo X.
Let us know if you find any issues.

If you haven’t received your Duo X yet, please be patient and hopefully it is dispatched and arrives soon.
Thanks for understanding.


Awesome, congrats on the new release! Is there a link to something explaining the difference between the MIDI modes? I’d not heard of these before.

hmm how can you see this post? the release is not published yet…

There is a lot of information missing from the new behaviour and Duo X, we are working on wiki things at the moment.
But the basic gist of it is that aggregated MIDI mode, well, aggregates all MIDI ports into a single one.
The “legacy” mode is the old behaviour, where each MIDI input gets its own MIDI port in the pedalboard assembler.

I probably can’t see the release, but surely this Discourse forum software has no knowledge about MOD software releases?

Anyway, thanks for the explanation. Does this mean that if you had two devices sending the same event, you could only distinguish which device it came from in legacy mode?

Correct, this forum just shows what we manually write in there.
But I made the topic “unlisted”, which means that it will not show up when browsing the forums but it is only accessible when one has a direct link.
This is why I ask how you found it…

The main reason for the aggregated MIDI mode is so that any new MIDI device you connect will always work, without having to open the webgui and patch things.
In aggregated mode, the MIDI input cable in the web gui is like a virtual one that contains all devices.
(same for MIDI output)

My Discourse profile is set to “Watching First Post” for the “Releases” category, so I received an email notification about it. I guess that’s a bug in Discourse then.

What does this mean?

Is it no longer possible to use the 2 footswitches to navigate to previous/next pedalboard in a bank as before?

How pedalboard changing on stage supposed to do now? Only using external pedalboards?

Not at all :slight_smile:

what is meant here is that the way to enable this option has moved.
With this new update, the Duo gets the same device menu as the DuoX. What we did is add a toggle in the device menu that allows you to enable footswitch navigation from the device itself, instead of opening the web-ui.

this also means that there is no need to select which banks you want the footswitch navigation on its always accessible now :wink:


Great! Thanks!

Yay, this is great news about the Beta release for the Duo! I’ll try to get some time in the next few days to give it a spin :blush:

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I just started checking this out and one thing I’ve noticed right away is the latency when I press/release the buttons on the duo. I’ve just started playing around with it, so I can’t offer much more detail than that.

I’ve attached a pic of what the duo looked like after it first rebooted into 1.7.2.

I suspect the biggest problem here is that I haven’t investigated the Duo X capabilities at all, and this adds a whole new range of capabilities that I have no clue about. I’ll be monitoring this thread and checking out my duo over the next several days.

This is getting SERIOUS folks! I’ve got my Morningstar MC6, the expression pedal WILL be here soon, and I’m going to have to really start diving into this stuff!

hey, @Dave_Parker… how long did your update take, and did it hang at all?

mine looks like it completed ok (the Duo itself is back to showing the parameters of the current pedalboard), but my browser is sitting at the “Auto-update in progress, please wait…” screen, and is throwing a “Waiting for moduo.local…” warning.

…later edit: just had to refresh my browser window, and everything’s fine. curious, 'cuz updates haven’t usually required that, for the UI to come back up, but no biggie.

also… unlike your experience, it seems to me like the controls are less laggy.
it also seems to me like this issue is much improved:
(more testing required, though)

Didn’t really monitor the update progress. I noted that it had started and when I checked a few minutes later it had installed and rebooted successfully.

I’ll check out the ‘…left-knob…’ thread.


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