Release 1.2.0-RC2 (Release Candidate 2)

Hello all. This is a bugfix for the previous 1.2.0 release candidate.

We made some small changes regarding MOD Duo’s network configuration, to try to fix the general network issues while using the Duo.
If you had random webpage load failures while the Duo is connected to your computer, please try this release and let us know how it goes.

There’s also some small changes in tap-tempo handling, following some requests by the users.

We’re confident these changes won’t be harmful for those where the MOD Duo already works properly, but better have some testing to be sure. So we’re giving the 1.2 final release 2 more weeks.
If no major issues are found in 2 weeks, we’ll release 1.2 as stable (by the end of the month).

Please refer to the RC1 topic to read the changes made in 1.2:

Here’s the changelog:

  • allow tap-tempo taps slightly over maximum value of plugin, sets value to max
  • tap-tempo default timeout value reduced to 3 seconds (down from 10)
  • potential fix for DNS issues with other Internet connections

Here’s the manual download link:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!


Do you know which plugins will accept tap tempo at this time?
I’m most interested in delays.

Ah yes, I completely forgot about this.
Made a new topic for it, List of plugins with tap tempo

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Thank you!

In my opinion a very useful and practical list – thanks! Maybe it should go into the wiki as well?!

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Even nicer would be to have an advanced filter for port types and properties in the Plugins showroom :wink:

But I surely agree it should go on the wiki.

Absolutely! :+1: But I got the feeling that your To-Do list quite long already…

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“quite long” definitely does not communicate the size it is getting :slight_smile:


Hahaha… yeah, I see what you mean. But hey, you’ve got an excellent field record, the users love the Duo and its foundations are rock/pop/jazz/… solid. I especially like the frequency of releases and (kind of) that we don’t know which features will come next.

No problem with the rc2 on my big computer. But on my laptop, I can’t access the webpage anymore, whatever the browser I use :confused: