Random Chat and Memes

Its so true lmao

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same here.

I want to find something similar for vinyl :slight_smile:

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Start with Lou Ottens, the inventor of the cassette and the CD. He deeply despised the surge in popularity of vinyl records and said to a dutch newspaper: “Nothing can match the sound of the CD (…) I have made a lot of record players and I know that the distortion with vinyl is much higher. I think people mainly hear what they want to hear.”


(Ottens passed away in 2021, see his brief story here.)

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when people start praising the vinyl sound quality over CDs i simply shut both my mouth and ears. I think there is no use in arguing and neither listening.

I get impressed on how non objective these discussions get :slight_smile:


Since this is a random chat, I really want to share this new sampler that is about to launch on kickstarter.

Not to trigger anyones GAS, but I have already got a perfect spot to put this on my desk. Wife has already authorized the buy lmao

Check out this new instrument called Chompi:

I have 1001 ideas.

I will 100% be using this as my main sound generator for my mod related stuff, sorry 0-coast.

Found pricing. March 28th the kickstarter goes live. If anyones interested, I would be happy to post updates about it as they go through development.


Some of them may feel like the dirt brings some kind of warmth. It can also have something to do with nostalgia (the sound of their childhood).

By the way, I think this kind of bias is very frequent in the world of guitar gear. I’m thinking about :

  • analog vs digital
  • tubes vs solid state and modelling
  • expensive vs cheap guitar

Usually, this isn’t justified by proper blind tests but because old and pricey technology has to be better, right ? :slight_smile:


Aint it a great time to be alive?!
All these people arguing over what is better without making a single piece of music with it while we are part of experimenting and re-inventing sound generation andsound reproduction… :smiley:
It never mattered to me; I go for bang for buck, creative space and opportunities in the future and from that perspective it is no surprise I ended up here. :smiley:

Always reminds me of this timeless classic:


I saw a sign a few years back to the effect of, “a musician is someone who packs $5000 of equipment into a $500 car to play a $50 gig”