Publishing the plugin controls states

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maybe this has already been addressed somewhere in the forum :slight_smile:

Let’s say that I want to eviscerate my FCB1010 to replace it’s guts with an Arduino connected to the MOD via USB. I would like to be able to control the leds on the FCB1010 according to the particular state of a plugin control (so that I can see if an effect is turned on or off).

Is that information available somewhere for my controller to retrieve ?

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Hi, that’s an awesome idea! But why not use the arduiono shield with the controllchain port?
I now use my fcb1010 with an eurecaprom and it works quite ok, but yeah led state doesn’t really work. I think With the arduino shield and the controllchainport it would be possible to add a small lcd screen or something similar :hugs:


That would be cool to create a little group of people with the skills to try that and publish the recipe for others to try. What we want is something that is an easy modification to do and does not cost the earth. Also, ideally we would like the modification to be somehow reversible or at least does not make to FCB1010 to strictly work with Mod devices (so that if people want to sell their FCB1010, it still retains some value as a MIDI pedalboard).

Some people have tried doing stuff with arduinos and FCB1010 before



I think that idea would be great. And as far as I see, the control chain would be far better than MIDI for the use case.

Unfortunately, currently the documentation on the Arduino Shield is incomplete/incorrect, see Arduino shield information/git incorrect

However, I’m looking forward to experimenting with my Arduino soon :slight_smile:


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Yeah but @Azza has a point there that many people would like to still use it as a normal midiboard or keep it’s value.
Maybe the shield could act as a kind of translator that sends and recieves midimessages for the led state stuff and adfitionaly gives information on a screen (maybe which assigned button does what) ?
I guess that would be usefull for a lot of midipedals? And I guess you wouldn’t have to do a lot or any modification on the fcb1010.


I have Arduino experience, a mod duo and an FCB-1010. Not sure if I have the “Skill” but it’d be interested in this as a project for sure.