Pedalboard preset

I think it would be useful to have something like a pedalboard preset, pretty much like de pedal presets, but it would manage the state of all pedals in the pedalboard (maybe it could work like a group of pedal presets, i.e. in a pedalboard with a distortion and a delay, the first pedalboard state could be full distortion preset and slow delay, and the second one could be lighter distortion preset and a fast delay). I would like that to create complex changes in multiple effects with one button press, so in songs with lots of effect changes, I could swipe between pedalboard states.

We have plans for this.
Pedalboard presets will maintain the current plugins and connections, but allow to change parameters within the pedalboard.

If you need to change the entire pedalboard (the plugins), you can save several pedalboards separately and join them as a bank.
Banks are navigable with both the mod hw controller and MIDI program messages.
In 1.0 there’s also an ‘All’ bank for navigating through all the pedalboards.

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Hi Falk, I got my MOD Duo recently and I’m having some troubles when trying to set the midi controller to change de presets. My Behringer FCB1010 controller works on midi channel 1 for default. How can I program the MIDI CC to change de presets in the actual bank?

By default it listens on channel 16, as to not conflict with regular usage.
If you set a bank yourself you can choose which midi channel to use for program messages.
Just make sure to load that bank via the hw controller (by holding down the right knob) after you disconnect from the web interface.

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This topic is quite old, but pedalboard presets are now here!
Release 1.3.0 \o/

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