OSC on the Mod (or why mod-host doesn't like my midi port)

well yes for setting up a listening OSC.
But OSC lacks a standardized message type, so they can be anything from “/hey/change/this” to “/what/change/that”.
This is why a config is necessary, to specify the kind of messages to be listening to and convert.
Would be best if we did not have to make such config, and there was a way to export the possible list of messages one tool would be sending.

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Oh please please please make MOD Devices working with Open Stage Control software! :slight_smile:

Check this too!
Youtube URL - watch?v=Sucj38bP7Ho&feature=emb_title


yes, though it comes with several configs for the more common software (including touch OSC). This is why most products provide both the OSC generating client AND the OSC receiving server. In a closed platform they control both. We could easily pick a config and just document it as the mod OSC implementaton. And it would be easy to allow power users to edit it.

I looked at open stage control’s documentation and it seems to me that it is primarily a server meant to receive the OSC messages from it’s own apps or remote phone apps. I didn’t see a desktop program that would send messages to a remote server on the MOD. Please correct me if wrong about that.

hmm lets make a deal here then, if you are interested.
if you create a config for Sensors2OSC | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository I will add in the necessary bits to make osc2midi work on MOD.

is that fair?


very fair. :smiley:


Have you viewed video? Because that guy made whole HTML controller that can be opened in any web browser!
So, making this a workhorse!
But, open stage control need its own server. And TouchOSC cant be controlled by Open Stage Control.
So its needed to be developed to use Open Stage Control server and forget TouchOSC because its not being developed any further and its fairly limited with options and can be only controlled via iOS or Android.

I like where this is going! :blush:

Actually they use this:
Github -> velolala/touchosc2midi

Done. It’s on master.

If you have trouble let me know. It’s actually pretty fun to just shake your phone and watch the CC change. :slight_smile:

I still haven’t finished watching that video but it may be worth considering using open stage control rather than OSC2MIDI as it seems more fully featured. I’m not sure if it has an arm port or if it is useable without being on wifi though (the first page of their docs didn’t really enlighten me much). I’ve verified OSC2MIDI works over bluetooth on my mod duo (some time ago though).


Not sure what this file is doing, but you might want to check again your second gyroscope line : 6*7 -> 6*y .


Good call, thanks. Fat fingers… :vulcan_salute:
Fixed in master.


I started this and just wanted some practice using pyqt so if you want a desktop OSC client here’s one: GitHub - ssj71/oscinator: a basic OSC client (generator) for desktop using PyQT5

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Thanks, very busy here with finishing some last details for v1.10, but I will have a look at this afterwards.
I will stick to the deal!


any news about this?
Controlling MOD Dwarf with TouchOSC or any other OSC enabled app?

No progress. I didn’t forget this, just been pretty much focused on Dwarf things.