Official Manual: your input

Dear users,

Recently we have been secretly working on an official manual. We have considered different formats, and in the end we decided that we want to have you, our awesome community, involved!

What does this mean?
The manual is actually a wiki page, open to contributions from our users. If you feel that there is any information lacking from the manual, please don’t hesitate to either contribute to it, or leave a message in this thread so that we can add your suggestion.

So, where can we find it?

I really just want to read the manual, is it worth it yet?
Most of the information you would want to look up in a manual is already there. If it is not, at least you can let us know, and we’ll make sure it will be there soon!


  1. add at the end of each chapter links to next chapter, contents, previous chapter
  2. in midi section of chapter 1 I’d include a sequencer and a launchpad or similar grid
  3. Chapter 3, available plugins should link directly to the plugins search
  4. Chapter 4. I’d warn everyone that you should not play electric guitar in the bathtub. :laughing:
  5. Chapter 5 should at least have links to the forums, possibly the blog and pedalboards, maybe the MOD facebook page.
  6. I registered for a wiki account, can I be allowed editing privileges (I promise not to put any bathtub jokes in)?

For 4.1.5. i would maybe be able to contribute (horns). If a horn player uses a normal dynamic microphone it’s the same setup as for vocalists.
If you’re using a condenser mic (i.e. a clip mic) you might need to use a phantom power supply in between the mod and the mic. For this, right wireing is crucial (balanced vs. unbalanced). So a quick soldering guide or at least a link would be appreciated by most horn players.
When my setup is complete, i’m happy to share it with other horn players. My guess is, most of them hesitate to buy effects gear (doesn’t only apply to the MOD), because they’re not familiar with electronics like for instance guitar players are. A guide would maybe help horn players with the decision to buy a MOD. :slight_smile:


@ssj71, thanks for your feedback:

  1. Next, previous chapter will be added. Could you give an example of the contents that you are talking about? I am not sure what it is exactly that you mean.
  2. Will add it to the list of wiring examples to make.
  3. Done.
  4. Playing electric guitar in a bathtub sounds like a dream come true, perhaps we should do a waterproof version of the Duo…
  5. That page will be added soon, those links will definitely be in there.
  6. I will grant you editing privileges as soon as our wiki admin wakes up.

That would be great! Could you get in touch with me (PM, reply to this thread) when you have your setup ready?

Update: everybody who registers for an account on our wiki should now have write access by default.

Sorry, I meant the table of contents:

Not sure I am posting at the right place, but what I am searching for is a way to access a link to a brief description of a particular plugin, and its controls, directly from the pedalboard itself, i.e. like a button near the “setting gear” of the pluggin.

Maybe it is already there and I missed it ?


The descriptions of the plugins can be found by either clicking on it from the plugin-store, or by clicking on a plugin in the plugin-bar on the bottom of the screen in the pedalboard-builder.

I will update the manual with this information, thank you for your suggestion!

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Bump for more input

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Hello @jesse

I think that a in-depth analyses of MOD´s MIDI features and suggestions of hookup scenarios could be very useful.
Links to the forum topics about the subject like the one you added here:

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Looks good! What I would like to see, is a couple of tutorials and recipes. This would be efficient to get a new user started and show how to achieve things. For example: How to connect a guitar and get some fuzz sound through a Marshall Amp. How to connect a MIDI Keyboard. How to trigger actions. How to adjust the input sensitivity…

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More MIDI tutorials would be fantastic!!!

I have a RJM Mastermind PBC Pedal Loop Switcher / Midi Controller that I wish to use with my MOD DUO
(The Mastermind PBC is able to send patch changes and CC messages to multiple MIDI Devices)

So in relation to the MOD DUO specifically I’m looking for assistance with:

  1. Assigning a Specific MIDI Channel to the MOD DUO while assuring MIDI THRU so the messages sent to other channels from my PBC get to all the other MIDI devices from the MOD Duo’s MIDI OUT

  2. Changing Patches via MIDI

  3. Changing Banks via MIDI