New plugin: Molot Lite Mono

One of my favourite compressor plugin is the Molot VST plugin. I really like it for bass guitar or drums. Someone in this forum said that there is a LV2 version of this plugin available. It’s a lite version without some features of the plugin.

I’ve fixed some things of the LV2 project and added a MOD GUI to the project.

The code can be found at

RIght now I’ve just ported the mono version. If somebody is interested in the stereo version this could be my next project. The stereo code of the LV2 plugin is not working for me right now, but maybe I am able to fix this error.

Is there some demo code how to add a “compression feedback LED” in some MOD LV2 code ?

I would like to add something like this to my plugin, but I haven’t found any example for it.


I beleive the AT1 and Bollie delay plugins have feedback to UI.
If you already have the lv2 output port set up then in the html you just set up a widget as an indicator connected to that port. I.E.

Thank you !

What is the process to get this plugin into the plugin section of the MOD ?

In another thread one user was searching for a compressor plugin for the MOD.

Another great compressor plugin is the compressor of the Invada series, which is not stable right now. It works really great for me. What is the process of getting the Invada series (at least the compressor plugins) into the store as a stable plugin ?

At the moment all plugins in the store have to go through me.
The cloud builds can be easily replicated for local testing using the mod-plugin-builder.
So if you get it working with that, it will speed up the process of getting them into the cloud/store.

This is temporary of course.
We hope to have a developer online service for handling this soon.

That has to go through me too.
In the end it’s just a on/off flag, but of course we need to ensure the plugin is really stable.
Also if there are already too many similar plugins we might not bother too much as the current selection is good enough already.

In the end, if enough users request it, we’ll move specific plugins to stable.
(with some internal testing of our own too)

Hi Falk,

thank you for your reply.

I am building the plugin with the mod-plugin-builder Docker image - so I suppose it should be fine.
Or do you need any other information ?

I copied the whole project from into the directory and built it there. Works fine for me.

In my opinion the MOD Duo is missing some nice compression plugins. The TAP plugins are okay, but they are not intuitive for me and there are no real alternatives right now in the stable section of the store. The Invada plugins would have at least my vote and they work great in my pedalboards.

Altough I am using the Molot plugin more and more in the last weeks… you have to eat your own dogfood :slight_smile:

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It would espacially be fine to have more plugins usable for bass/drums/other.
At the moment the plugin-store is a little guitar-biased.

I really like the molot plugin for drums (kick and snare) and bass guitar, so maybe this plugin could help a little bit.

Can we ever have enough plugins? :wink:

(Yes, of course. But I don’t feel that we are at this point yet…)

Added to the (non-stable) store too!

A small nitpick on the ttl meta-data…
Please add “.0” suffix on port values that are floats (so that the data type is float/double instead of integer).
It makes things faster to handle on the host side.

Thank you for the quick work !

I am going to change this in the next version.