Moddwarf hosted by computer

Hey there, tried to search the forum on this one, but didn’t really find sth. (only for DuoX)

Can the mod dwarf be hosted by a computer or any other USB host?
If not, is it on the roadmap?


Do you mean host the entire Mod OS (as would be appropriate for a software development context) or use as the configuration host, like (http://moddward.local)?

Development context is a live, bootable USB image:

And I can confirm that my dwarf is accessible from my browser, though I had to go through the extra windows installation steps, which made me very nervous as I bought mine used.

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Ah sorry I meant USB midi host!

Using the latest firmware, I was able to plug-and-play by Boppad into the USB port. Hope that helps.

Yes that works fine. I meant that Midi Mod is being hosted by a computer.

I still don’t understand your question. You want the Dwarf to be a midi “client” to a computer? then yes.

@Blindsmyth please make sure your Dwarf runs the latest MOD OS. Check “System Behavior” in the Dwarf settings. On the left you can chose the USB-B mode. Set it to “NET+MIDI” for Mac/Linux or “NET+MIDI (Windows)”. Connect your Dwarf afterwards to your computer again. You should see a bidirectional “Dwarf USB MIDI” port then in your DAW.

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Yes thats what I want.

Ok thanks! That did it! Great!