ModDuo as usb midi host for Linnstrument and Haken Continuumini?

Dang, Thanks for the fast reply though! I’ll be keeping an eye out because I really love what you guys are doing here, as soon as it applies to my setup a little better I’ll be buying in. You might consider reaching out to Roger Linn if you have any troubles getting MPE functionality going, as he’s actually quite nice and I’ve seen him communicate with multiple synth developers and such, even going so far as to create some MPE presets for Surge, an open-source VST instrument, not too long ago. Maybe he could get you a sample unit or vice-versa. If MPE were possible I’m sure it would go on his list of recommended synths for the Linnstrument which is sadly quite short despite being the best place to find MPE sound sources.


MPE is possible for sure, there is zero technical reasons why it would not be.
The MIDI decoding and message passing steps are all fine, LV2 format and plugins will receive the MIDI bytes as-is unaffected and all that.
It is just that we do not have a single plugin that supports MPE in the plugin store right now.

So yes, it is all possible and in a way “supported”, but the plugins are lacking on this area.

I have helped a bit to make Surge working as LV2, but didnt work so well. Their next iteration, labelled Surge XT, is switching from custom code to JUCE, so an LV2 version likely to become official.
Surge, Vital, and other open-source synths that support MPE are very complex beasts though, the porting process to the MOD platform would requite a lot of work for which we do not have the resources to allocate to right now.

One thing that brings me hope is running JUCE GUI code directly on the browser.
This demo page is pretty impressive Emscripten-Generated Code
So perhaps we can reuse the full desktop GUI of a few plugins… that would save 95% of the porting work for JUCE based plugins.


Exciting stuff! I’ve been talking for ages about how there should be open-source digital audio units around like the Mod devices. I hadn’t even considered that Surge might be portable to these devices, thats just one example of why your guys devices are necessary in the market right now, open source and open-minded, Forward-thinking core developers is the way to go! I look forward to all the new developments, thanks for your response! I’m sure I’ll end up with a Dwarf before too long even if MPE still hasn’t been fully implemented or streamlined, just way too cool! You have a good one!


I am happy to confirm that with firmware 9.55 Continuumini works well with Linnstrument using Mod duo as a usb midi host! They connect with my Arturia beatstep through a standard usb hub and all show up in their separate input with name in the Gui. As a part of solving this issue was in touch with Richard Kram, who is a part of the Haken Audio team. He found the Mod platform interesting and has thought of creating a plugin for the Continuumini. Too bad the MDX is currently sold out a the moment.
Btw I also think porting MPE plugins like Surge is a great Idea!


It is now solved!

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Imaginus, can you elaborate on how the usb connections work? I am not familiar with the Beatstep, but it seems to have only one usb port. Are you connecting the continuum & linnstrument to the hub (powered?), the hub to the beatstep and the beatstep to the MOD via Midi Out?
I have been trying to connect >1 controllers to devices like the synthstrom deluge or the mod dwarf via usb, using a usb powered hub, but this does not seem to work. My current workaround is with an Ipad and routing midi between devices with the audiobus software.

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Coooool! He should feel free to reach out if he needs anything.

We are slowly getting more units. Most of them were reserved for our retail partners but probably after we will have some “leftovers” for us to sell. Also, we are already planning the next batch that should get in production early next year. Keep an eye on it.