MOD - Mixer

Brought to you by @BramGiesen

Mono version

Stereo version

Each channel has a Volume, Pan, Mute and Alt parameter.

In addition to the main output pair there is also an alternative output pair. When the Alt parameter is enabled on a channel, that channel is no longer sent to the main outputs, but instead is sent to the alternative outputs.


Thanks, @BramGiesen and @falkTX!

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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How does the pan knob work? I do not manage to pan with this between left and right.

Edit: I wired it wrong, everything works as it should.

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A very useful addition - thank you !

is anyone else having troubles with this mixer?

for me (DuoX, v1.10.0.2142), whenever i have this mixer (currently using the stereo version) in a pedalboard, it operates just fine for a few minutes, but then abruptly stops passing audio. i.e. everything else is feeding audio to the mixer just fine, but the mixer outputs become silent. the meter plugin verifies that the mixer is indeed the point at which signal fails to pass.

if i reboot the ModX, it’s ok for a while, but then always fails again.

if i replace the MOD mixer with the AMS Stereo Mixer, the pedalboard just works fine forever.

I use these on my DuoX all the time without issues.

(however I’m now working on my own mixer plugins because I really want pre/post sends and EQ!)


Is this issue still happening?

thanks for asking, @jon! i’ve used this mixer in some other pedalboards since then, and it’s been fine. must have just been something strange that happened on that board.

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Great to know :slight_smile: I had your report to test on my side for a while, but as I didn’t have time to do a deep test and we had no other reports of this, just wanted to double check if you solved it.

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About the CPU usage of the mixer plugin. Just inserting the plugin uses around 2%(128 frames) or 3% (256 frames) more CPU. After connecting Inputs and Output, the CPU increases around 11.5% or 8.5%(256 frames). I know there are plugins which uses more CPU, but for a mixer… it looks probably too much, isn’t it? I just tested with the default pedalboard.

Is this about Mod-ui dB levels included?? I’m also curious about the CPU usage without the mod-ui connected… or should not affect?

Now, with so many great plugins, my Dwarf CPU sometimes reaches the CPU limit. So I’m thinking about ways to optimize it.

For the mixer, I found in the Beta store the AMS Stereo Mixer 4 Channels, which only use around 1.5% (256 frames) or 2.5% (128 frames) more CPU, and has similar functionalities but no Mod-ui…


It’s possible that there’s some room for optimization in the CPU. We will need to check that out


One thing I would love to see on the mixer is faders for the Alt output, not buttons which are “all or nothing”. Allowing you to mix an effect per channel is not something easily done with a set of other plug-ins.


I’ve been trying to troubleshoot a pedalboard on my Duo X… and I’m pretty sure the mixer is the culprit! Would cause the unit to fully restart after around 20 mins, and then every couple minutes after that… I’m going to try the AMS one… or maybe just a bunch of stereo gain units…


fwiw… recently, i’ve been using the MOD mixer plugin regularly in a few different pedalboards, and i’ve had no troubles with it. the version installed on my DuoX is 2.0-4.


Interesting! I’m using a bunch of beta plugins so maybe it’s interacting weirdly with one of those-- a similar setup works fine on my dwarf. Who knows— last night I got rid of the mixer, but didn’t replace it with anything, tonight I’ll try that AMS one and see if it ends up freezing the unit-- really hoping it was the mixer and I wasn’t premature in declaring victory over my tech issues…

Interesting! I use the MOD Mixer on my main pedalboard on my dwarf. I see some HMI lockup from time to time, but audio still passes. I wonder if the mixer is causing that.