MOD MIDI pedals vs. Jam Origins' MIDI Guitar 2

Hi, there. I’m thinking of buying the software MIDI Guitar 2/MIDI Bass to gain access to keyboard/synth patches that are polyphonic to incorporate into the music I’m playing, while using my Dwarf for all non-synth sounds.

My question is this: is there a way to access the MIDI patches that are in my Dwarf using my bass guitar? I haven’t been able to discover a way to answer that question with a “yes”. If anyone can help me with that, I’d appreciate it.

Hi @Roachmanfwa
I don’t understand the question… You don’t want to use the dwarf for polyphonic sounds but still you want to know if it is possible ?

Have you tried the Cardinal Mini plugin ?

What do you mean with “access the MIDI patches” ?

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Sorry, @Rom - I DO want to use the Dwarf polyphonically. What I’d actually like to do is output sound from both MIDI and analog, sometimes simultaneously. I look at the Guitar Synth pedalboards and frankly, I have trouble making sense of the workflow and how to create my own pedalboard to do what I’d like to do.

The Synth Pedalboards - MOD Audio website that the MOD Team has made are only monophonic because the plugin that convert audio to CV is monophonic, and this plugin is mono because CV is mono.
And it doesn’t convert you audio signal to midi, to convert it to a voltage.

To my knowledge there is only a single plugin that can convert your audio signal to midi, this is a beta plugin (you have to allow beta plugin in your Dwarf’s Web interface) called gxtuner from @brummer. Not sure it is polyphonic though…
This thread talk about this recent midi addition to the plugin : Audio to Midi - #9 by brummer


There’s another option with CV and Cardinal Mini :