MOD Footswitch #2 with more daydream

The footswitch looks great BUT I don’t have a huge desire to acquire this one and am hoping/thinking there’s another one in the works.
Can we have a bigger board? :slight_smile:
I “need” 10 switches for the pile of effects choices I use when I perform improvised music jams! 8 switches with next/prev page like the Duo has or simply 10.
Add 10 knobs or don’t but It would be a nice addition for many obvious reasons.
Never mind knobs though, having more than 2 expression inputs would be amazing.
Obviously a “wah” with a footswitch built in. This could be a mini pedal as part of the board. Like a Boss GT-1 size. -REAL point is having a volume, wah, reverb mix, delay feedback, etc.
It wouldn’t even be “that much bigger” than the current board.
/daydream over

Is the code for the current pedalboard available? I would take a shot at kludging my way through coding an Arduino board using the MOD Arduino Shield, if that’s compatible with the Footswitch’s code.

Control Chain is a fantastic idea, BTW, and needs more attention

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I’d also like to create my own Arduino based extension board for the Mod Duo. Currently, the information published is not up2date, see my thread Arduino shield information/git incorrect

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and have a look at MIDI Footswitch Protocol?


Ah yes I see, there is definitely some things I missed in the forum. :slight_smile:

You also have the choice of using a MIDI foot controller. Most have 16 switches and two foot pedals that can be mapped to the Mod Duo module assignments

Yes of course drsoda
But a regular foot controller isn’t powered by control chain
and doesn’t have a screen that talks to the Mod Duo

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