MIDI SYNC not working

Hello! I just received DuoX, did an instant update to 1.9.2. Now I’m trying to MIDI sync with the external clock, but DuoX always recognizes it as 244BPM. I used 5Pin MIDI and USB-MIDI from launchpad pro mk3. The result is the same.

I’ve found that DuoX somehow multiplies MIDI tempo x2. So my 80 becomes 160 and so on

Do you have 2 sources of MIDI input by any chance? (say, using DIN MIDI and USB MIDI at the same time)
As of right now, the system processes both MIDI signals for tempo. We plan to resolve this in v1.11 (by giving the choice of DIN MIDI or USB MIDI sync)

I used different types of midi connection DIN or USB, together and separately - the result is the same.

Ive found where a problem was, it is on the launchpad side, somehow when MIDI receive and transmit enabled DuoX multiply tempo x2