Maybe make a formal update so everyone is in the loop?

Hi all - Been stalking the forums since hearing the beta models have been getting closer to shipping. Since there hasn’t been any official communication since the middle of December, it would probably go a long way to make a formal announcement regarding status and progress.



Hey @Randalhicks, you are right. As far as I know that update is coming out really really soon. Last week we were more focused on getting the first Dwarfs ready to ship (and ship them), so we neglected a bit on the update. That should be fixed soon, keep an eye on it :wink:

In case you missed it, an update was posted 2 days ago MOD Dwarf: The smart, compact and powerful pedal brain by MOD Devices » Beta units, production timeline update and more. — Kickstarter

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Hi - Yes, I saw it. Follow up question, are there going to be shipment notifications for beta users? Any way to get a tracking number when our dwarf goes out?

If you are signed yup for UPS updates in the States you’ll get an email the day it’s out for delivery like I did. Otherwise I would have been very surprised!!

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Yeah. I am signed up, but a notification on the day of is semi pointless. /shrug

Agreed but at least we have some warning. :grinning:

I was hoping I’d have gotten a notification by now. I wonder if the Chinese New Year and/or unseasonable weather in the Southern US has delayed the next batch of Beta units.

Hi Will - This thread: Dwarf production updates wanted:) - #57 by LorisDonatelli

Generally has the latest updates in it. There were no beta dwarfs sent out last week. They are hoping to have ~15 sent out this week. Lots of us are still waiting for our beta’s, so know that you are not alone (myself included)