Low-latency USB audio driver for Windows 10

Hello guys, the question is simple

can I obtain low latency USB audio behaviour when using Mod Duo/Mod-DuoX/Mod-Dwarf with Windows 10?

The Mod uses Linux’s UAC2 usb audio gadget module. When connected to Windows 10, built-in drivers
are used to recognize USB audio device. These drivers are documented here:

These are NOT ASIO drivers. AFAIK ASIO drivers for UAC2 usb audio gadget module doesn’t exist or
are not open source.

But it seems that Microsoft has introduced some low-latency behaviour to their drivers

in particular they state that

Without any driver changes, applications in Windows 10 will experience 4.5-16ms lower latency. In addition, if the driver has been updated to take advantage of the new low latency DDIs that use small buffers to process audio data, then the latency will be reduced even more. If a driver supports 3ms audio buffers, then the roundtrip latency is ~10ms.

Well who knows if their UAC2 driver is using DDIs or not. They made the driver :sweat_smile:

Other related scenarios could be usage of asio4all over UAC2 drivers…any thoughts?

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The Linux UAC2 gadget code is not 100% conformant to standard.
It works on a Linux and macOS host, but not with Windows. Something wrong about the way it sets up async transfers.

I have heard that a new UAC1 gadget driver for Linus works on Windows, but I have yet to make it work.

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Is this now available for the Duo?

Good question :slight_smile:
Unofficially yes, once we release v1.9.1 with the mainline kernel. More on that next week

Sounds interesting. Does this mean I can get the sound from MOD DUO directly into my DAW through USB?

That is the idea

Could you elaborate on the steps to get duo working as an audio interface on windows 10?

It is not officially supported yet, we are still doing tests.
But early experiments are possible by following Audio Through USB - MOD Wiki


My modDuo is updated to 1.10 and windows 10 also udpated.
I created the files listed on the Audio Gadget Section and saw an option ’ Microphone Source/Sink’ on the daws I tried (experimented with FL Asio, on 48khz and all you said in here), but never managed to get any sound from it :c (I did connect my first mod Input on both USB Hardware Outputs that showed on the browser interface). Maybe I missed something from the process…