Loading a pedalboard from the bank library

When in the bank library it is not possible to select a pedalbord load.

That is expected. Unfortunately it’s not possible yet to do it.
Currently the banks list only allow you to add and organize different pedalboards. Loading from Banks it’s only possible from the device.

You organize the pedalboard presets at the Banks List???
I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to reorder the presets!!!
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Not exactly sure what do you mean with “pedalboard presets”, but if you want to organize the order of your pedalboards you do it inside a bank and just add them there and move them up and down on the list.
Maybe worth taking a look at our wiki before banging too much on your head :slight_smile:
The answer for that is here

Still, is it planed to load a padelboard from the bank library view? It would be a great help to organizing. I feel it is only half implemented without it. I would have expected a tiny menu in the header bar of each padlebboard for operation like looading, deleting, moving, copying, discriptions … like this.

Planned it is. Something that we have been talking about for a while. Now it’s a matter of if it’s possible.

Well, the pedalboards ARE presets to my mind. To me, the area where you can view just the pedalboards is pretty much useless other than for loading pedalboards… that is, once you finally find the one you’re looking for. The fact that you don’t have an option to view the pedalboards as a list is ridiculous. So much screen real estate completely wasted on those tiles. You should also be able to reorganize them right there! Why are we forced to go to the Banks view?? It’s the dumbest method ever!!

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I’ve been requesting this for several years. Welcome to the movement comrade! Together, with our alliance with the Load Pedalboard in Web Via MIDI clan, we’ll one day celebrate our glory. :man_artist:


I tried to clear things up since we call it “pedalboards” in the platform. We can’t yet read minds :sweat_smile: so it’s better to double-check :slight_smile:

I can understand and agree partially with what you say here. I would even say that pretty much all of us do. The issue here I believe is mainly related to the implementation of the Banks feature and the load pedalboards in the WebGUI than anything else. So we will need to find a better way to do it.

For this, you can use the search bar. If you have a good naming system you will for sure find it.

I would kindly ask you to avoid such extreme terms in the forum.

In fact, what you are stating is not accurate. You are indeed able to check the pedalboards as a list.
On the top of the Pedalboard Library, next to the “Browse Online Pedalboard” you can define the view mode of the library. There you have either tiles or a list view:

Mainly the Pedalboard library is exactly that: a library. It’s organized in alphabetic order and you do can organize it by choosing a file name system that fits with the alphabetic organization. The Banks view is what you access to load pedalboards from the device and that’s why you can organize the pedalboards either in position on the list or on banks with specific names. Now, I do personally agree with you that it would be really nice to be able to load the pedalboards on the WebGUI also from the Banks menu. Maybe that would even make the Pedalboard Library kind of useless (something to argue about), but that needs a proper plan for it’s implementation.


haha hopefully yes! We assume the “handicap” on that. Let’s hope that it’s easy to implement on some WebGUI sprints that we should have.


since I’m using my mod dwarf always connected to the computer, it would be a great opportunity to organize my presets in banks and choosing the pedalboards via “banks view”. is there any chance of this happening?

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