Is anyone using Mod Dwarf as a keyboard sound module?

mhh ok. I’ve used grid for the interface (also for the centaur and the upcoming aidadsp plugins).

I had never any issues with safari or webkit. I think its supported since v10. Which was when, 2018?
But I’ll send you the PR regardless and as a temporary interfaceit works quite well.

But I’ll have a look at webgl and maybe use that from now on.


There are quite a few people purposefully running older macOS versions, as Apple breaks support for quite a few things in each new version they release (one of the last few is Bluetooth Network, completely removed from the last 2 macOS versions without any notice).

Some parts of the aidadsp modgui also do not work in current Firefox, at least the “min-content” value when used as size makes it have 0px.

At least we dont have to support Internet Explorer now :sweat_smile:


oh thank god no.

as expected.
Yeah I get that its hard to manage all those aspects keeping current and but support older stuff. But better be on the safe side.

In the end I’m just to lazy for pixel based designs ^^


Internet Explorer 6 made me quite web development altogether. I’m not joking. It was 50% of the time building a website and 50% writing workarounds for IE, back in thre CSS 2 days. I wasn’t paid enough for my pain.


The built in e-piano is actually pretty decent, especially with so many effects to pair with it! I used it in this track:


I bought the Dwarf for guitar but being able to use it as an instrument with a simple piano via midi (usb) was a strong extra argument to sign in on the indiegogo crowdfunding.

I have some sweet piano’s and Rhodes, all downloaded for free as sfz(?) instruments and combined with some simple reverbs some simple chords and notes really sound inspiring enough to learn some more piano! The “intruments” I use are all sample based and I barely touched synthesizing sounds

I’m no specialist to answer your specific tech questions but I’ll join along seeking out sounds :smiley:
It’s a versatile effects box, recorder, instrument, synth, amp sim,… and also a fun TOY.
It’s easy to get lost though and threads like these always create a combination of “a lot of fascination with a bit of intimidation”.

The MDA ePiano is a long time favorite.

@Codeman made a nice board already quite some time ago using the ePiano to emulate a Fender Rhodes: My Rhodes


I’ve been using the Mod Dwarf lately as my stage setup. It saves me a hauling a lot of gear and I can be sure of the sound instead of depending on a backline on a stage.

For now my dwarf is set up to send a guitar signal to port 1 and a synth signal to port 2. I use a usb midi device to control the synth. I’ve been using the TAL synth module. So far it’s been pretty good! I’ve mapped the most obvious parameter to the the knobs (cutoff, resonance, lfo speed etc), and work on the sound design at home, so i can just focus on performing on stage.