Introducing the MOD App for desktops - Beta release

it does indeed use another port, to try to not conflict with other mod-host already running.
this port is not useful by itself though, and connecting through it would make mod-ui state broken and invalid.
The mod-host port on desktop is 18182 by the way.

It needs a code-signing thing to be setup, we still need to setup one for MOD Audio UG as company. It is just something I have not ever dealt with before.
From what I understood it is not complicated, and you can even “ad-hoc” and that will do the trick here too.


Thanks for the reply, it seems like it’s not as simple as I hoped. I was asking because I’m trying to solve this issue:
I really want to figure out a way to change NAM files on the fly using MIDI commands. Right now, the only method I found is to create multiple instances of the NAM plugin, one for each file, and assign a different file to each instance. Then, I can bypass all of them except one using MIDI. The problem is that all these plugins are taking up space on my pedalboard, and I think they might also be using resources even when they’re bypassed.
Another idea I had is to control either plugin presets or pedalboard snapshots using a MIDI command, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

there is no need to install python when running mod-desktop, it already includes everything it needs to run, it does not use system python at all.

for your error in particular, it comes from here:

application.listen(DEVICE_WEBSERVER_PORT, address=(“localhost” if DESKTOP else “”))
File “lib/”, line 953, in getaddrinfo
socket.gaierror: [Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not known

this means the localhost address in your system somehow is not being mapped to anything, making mod-ui unable to start.
it seems a very peculiar issue, localhost should always map to on any regular system, not sure what is going on in yours really.

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We have yet another release!

Fixes a few regressions from 0.0.8 and other issues as reported by users.


I recently saw an issue on macOS where it would first resolve to the ipv6 ::1 before it would resolve to ipv4 (this was with nodejs though)


Good point, changed that just now to use the more specific as per Use for desktop instead of localhost · moddevices/mod-ui@214d64d · GitHub


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

It turns out my “Hosts” file was empty. I honestly don’t know why.

There was another file named “Hosts~old”, so I renamed it “Hosts” and this solves my problem.

Thanks again !

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And yet another release!

Has a new factory pedalboard and some minor tweaks.



Just downloaded the latest Desktop version, having not used it for a while (maybe a couple of months). Have an issue whereby when the audio interface is set to the iConnectAudio4+, the app won’t Start - i.e. Start button doesn’t fire it up. When I choose another, such as the onboard audio or the Syntakt, then it works fine. The iConnect is preferable for the purposes of routing in and out of the DAW.

If you are using Windows you can make use of the included ASIO driver.

Start MOD Desktop first with your audio interface, then in your DAW pick “MOD Desktop” as the ASIO audio device. When activated there is going to be 2 new audio inputs on the MOD pedalboard side, which belong to the DAW outputs.

It doesn’t work (I did everything as written above.

Sorry indeed this is broken at the moment, happened during the project rename.
Found the culprit already and pushed a fix, 0.0.11 release coming up shortly with the fix included.


Ok, 0.0.11 release now with the asio driver fix


No I’m on Mac. Is there a solution there please?

Guys, I’m trying to do a stereo mix (desktop audio) from Windows PC to MOD Desktop and then filter it and then output to connected headphones.
I get this error:


Got a similar error when the sample rate of my interface didn’t match the 48kHz MOD uses.

for realtime audio and performance reasons, not all IO combinations are possible, if you choose “no input” does it start and use the correct device?

Oh, I understand.
It does when no input is chosen.

Tho, for this purpose latency doesn’t matter.

Guys, did anyone managed to configure TouchOSC or any other MIDI software controller via PC or tablet/phone to control MOD.Desktop?
Thanks a lot

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