Host Sync clock

Is there a simple method to reset/rewind the clock on the Host Sync. To date I have only managed this by rebooting my Dwarf?
I am using multiple Midi player plugins (each using a different sound generator plugin), each playing the relevant midi line.
I have each midi player set to ‘host sync’.
When starting my Dwarf, I am able to start all of the players in sync, using the host sync, but once the song is over I cannot get the host sync to restart and midi player, until the Dwarf is rebooted.
Any advice/suggestions gratefully received.


I was under the impression that stopping and starting transport would put “frame” back to 0, starting playback from the beginning.

On the MIDI File plugin you can enable looping, so they start loop playing from the beginning when reaching the end.

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If I wait for the ‘song’ to complete the transport does not appear to stop automatically. I can stop it manually, but it will not rewind/restart.

I have used the looping function but this is not what I need in these circumstances.
I have a pedalboard ‘A’ with a 3 part song and pedalboard ‘B’ with a different 4 part song.
When the Dwarf is booted it will play the first loaded song/pedalboard using the transport, but will not either replay the loaded pedalboard/song, or the next pedalboard/song without rebooting.

Is there something obvious that I am missing?

If I load pedalboard/song ‘A’ then start the transport playing song ‘A’, then manually stop the transport, when I then load pedalboard/song ‘B’, then restart transport it restarts the new song ‘B’ at the time the clock time that song ‘A’ had stopped.

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I have done some further digging, and experimentation.
I am able to stop/start/reset the transport (jack_transport) by SSH(ing) into the Dwarf and using CLI commands, but this is only practical when connected with SSH.

The CLI commands used within ‘jack_transport’ were ‘play’ ‘stop’ and ‘locate 0’, the last command resetting the transport to frame 0.

The transport does not reset, when stopped, in either the GUI or using the footswitch, necessitating a reboot.

I’m not literate enough with the code used to identify any issues.

Is it possible for someone to have a look at this issue to see if it can be resolved.


Oh wow, that’s an interesting find! I would love it if the host sync clock was usable. A while ago I reported that I get dropouts when sending internal clock to Cardinal but no issues if sending an external source into my Dwarf and then to Cardinal, but haven’t seen any improvement in recent firmwares.

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Further trials show that using the Transport (Host Sync) to stop and start the ‘MIDI File’ player plugin, even using only a singular instance of the plugin and a basic pedalboard, only pauses and resumes a midi file, and does not reset the clock to zero.

This is whether used on the GUI or with the Dwarf footswitch. Resetting the transport clock needs either a reboot or using SSH access(not very practical!).

Has anyone else encountered issues with the ‘MIDI File’ player plugin.

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Problem, and same behaviour, still persists after upgrade to v1.13

Yeah, same here with the inconsistency in host sync with Cardinal. Was trying to show a friend how awesome it was to be able to just stomp on the Dwarf and have it play a sequence and of course it immediately started stuttering. So then I got to show off how easy it is to send clock from my Dirtywave M8 to the Dwarf via USB! But yeah, really wish host sync was on the roadmap to be made more stable.

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I believe that this is expected @Andy_Frizzle since there were no improvements on that for this 1.13.
@falkTX may correct me here, but some work on that is currently planned for the 1.14

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correct. for v1.14 we want to give some attention to things that will improve the workflow of delay-style plugins.

I dont understand what was the issue regarding cardinal there… @bleo can you explain please?

Regarding the transport “pause” behaviour, we verified a fix, coming for 1.13.1 next week.
Stopping the host transport will make it go back to “frame 0” (that is, the start rolling posiiton)


Sure thing, same issue as I posted here a while back:

Just chiming in about clock/notes/timing… I tested out Cardinal a few weeks ago with Topography (clone of Mutable Grids) and noticed that when using the Dwarf’s internal clock, an occasional beat was being missed and causing the pattern being played to “pause” for a beat. Switching to external clock coming in from a USB MIDI device solved the problem and never missed a beat… literally!

I have updated to the latest release 1.13.1 and the issue has now been resolved. Many thanks.