High level of noise

Even without any plugins I get high levels of noise I don’t know how can I solve this?

Noise can occur for a multitude of reasons, and without a more descriptive explanation of your setup it is impossible to provide an answer. Several users have faced the same problem and, in many cases, there was some external factor causing noise, and at times there were plugins causing crackles.

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Is this in what device?

It’s a mod dwarf, if it’s a power supply issue what’s the best solution

Have you tried to follow the troubleshooting suggestions described here?

Especially the Ground Compensation feature available on the MOD Dwarf settings may be handy in your situation.

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Thank you for that Jon !!!


I can’t seem to post this in Hardware, where I think it would go, but I thought I would ask here. I’ve got my pedal board build set up, and I bought a 12v-5A PSU to split between the Mod Duo (eventually Dwarf, when it shows up) and the Shure PGX wireless I have. Built a simple splitter with 2.1mm DC jacks all wired together, plugged in the PSU and the two devices, and now when I have the Duo without any pedals on or in hardware bypass, I get a noise through the output. If I unplug the Shure from the PSU chain, the noise goes away.

I’d like to just continue splitting the power, so I only have one AC cord to plug in, but I’m at the limit of my electronics knowledge. Is it something where I can put diodes on the output jacks to isolate them? Would I put those on the negative or positive? Or should I look at separating the power supply with, say, individual buck converters on each output?

In theory yes, using the anode of a Shottky diode in series – preferably not at the jack. This however may reduce the voltage significantly. It might be preferable to emply a MOSFET. Please see this example.

But please refer to a more authoritative source for proper guidance. (That is, don’t take my word for it.)

Not sure it would benefit you, but please take this question to a seasoned expert.

One thing to consider is that most PSUs these days use switching regulators. Whereas that makes them them smaller and more efficient, that also makes them far more susceptible to Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and, worse yet, that may get pumped back to the power line and affect other equipment. Therefore, the plethora of such PSUs around our homes these days have a decisive effect on the overall noise we get from our audio sources.

If I were to build one such PSU these days, it would be linear and fully isolated. It is more expensive and dissipates some heat, but it will output much cleaner power.

(PS: Just curious of that is an Arri camera in your profile pic.)

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@QuestionMarc Perfectly understood. I’ll send out some feelers, but I’m not playing a whole lot for the next couple of months, so for the mean time I’m fine running corded until I can sort this out. I’m also talking to someone about getting a different wireless, which would require me to create a 9V stepdown anyway, and that might take care of the problem (or create an entirely new one!) My eventual plan was to create a little power block that had a couple of USB outputs as well, so I could charge my iPad, but this issue has me cooling those jets.

(No, not an Arri–pretty sure that’s a Canon C300 MkI, back from when that camera was kind of a big deal. I think that picture was from a film shoot in grad school, 'cause we had that Gearnex geared head, which I got pretty good on after a while.)

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As your account here was new or you didn’t use it much you didn’t have yet the trust levels required to post freely (an automatic thing to avoid spammers and bots). I just raised your trust levels, so now you must be able to do it.

Thanks for the help @QuestionMarc :slight_smile:
@ozymandias let us know about the results of your investigation.

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Enabling the Dwarf loophole in the systems settings has almost completely eliminated the high noises cheers jon!


This worked magic for me, eliminated the noise.

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