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Welcome to the community!

This is a great place to tell everyone who you are, where you are, what you do, what you’ll do with Mod, or whatever you want!


and to set things off:
I’m Spencer. I develop lv2 plugins as a hobby including a few that are already on the mod. I work as an electrical engineer in Utah, USA but play trombone in a local swing band and have a project studio at home where I play keyboards, guitars, and anything else I can get a hold of. I also host the Open Source Musician Podcast where we really love the open source of the Mod!

I do a whole bunch of stuff that I love to talk about, but I’m trying to not bore anybody :grin:


Hi Everyone,

I am Jono. I am not part of Mod Devices, but love the work going on there. I build communities for living, having led community development at Canonical, XPRIZE, and now GitHub. I also consult.

See http://www.jonobacon.org for more. :slight_smile:



I’m a singer/guitarist in a band called Casio Fatso (like us on FB) and currently waiting for my Mod Duo and perhaps a bit too excited for this awesome product :slight_smile:

I am from Iceland and just your average guitar fx pedal nerd.

I´m just here to learn more stuff and hopefully influence the Mod Duo team to implement full midi features.



I’m Alex and I’m part of MOD’s team. I’m a hard core developer in Java, Python, C#, C and I’m specialized in software abstraction in general (development process, enterprise architectures, design patterns and so on).

I work mostly on our web and cloud infrastructure taking care of our REST APIs and automated builds. Also I have been spending quite some time planning and building our user and developer community. There’s a lot in our pipeline, specially for the developer community.

I play keyboard and electric bass and I have been a big fan of MOD Devices from the beginning.

This is about enjoying the ride, so let’s all enjoy it!


Hi, I’m Florian. I’m a technical assistant at the Cybernetics group at Bielefeld University and in my free time I sometimes tinker with writing open source software. Also doing some freelance C++ development on the side. I used Linux audio for approximately 15-20 years now :slight_smile: Jazz guitar player and all around hobbyist musician.

The MOD is the device I always wanted to create myself, but never got around to :wink: So keep up the good work!

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Hi all!

I am Holger. I am a hobby musician playing guitar in a band. I also like to make music with synths and I work for the “Free synth on a Raspi” project Zynthian (there are some overlaps between our projects :slight_smile: ). I also try to write some simple LV2 plugins and I have bought a ModDuo especially for using it in my home studio.

We will show Zynthian on the coming Maker Faire Berlin and perhaps some other devices for making music with OSS.

Regards, Holger

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Hey all,

Harry van Haaren here, I’m the developer behind the OpenAV software.
I play guitar and some keys, and have some fun ideas for LV2 plugins to develop for the MOD use case, and creating awesome live-performances with it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking with you all, -Harry


Hi everyone,

I’m a guitarist, and singer-songwriter. Just ordered a Mod Duo for my pedal board. One main attraction of the Mod Duo was that I could run a virtual synth through it and use effects on my guitar.

Looking forward to getting my hands on one in the fall.



hello all,

i am a bassist, as well as some other stuff. i plan to make some great sounds with this pedal.

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I’m Julien-Michaël, an another “guitar (bass, synths…) nerd”. I think I’ve been waiting for a long time for a pedal like the MOD Duo. So, now, I’m just waiting for august to come as soon as possible.
I hope I’ll be able to bring to the community too ! :smile:

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Hi all

I am Gianfranco and I play mainly the guitar but sometimes fiddle with other string instruments and also some percussion. Sometimes I’m an effect freak. Lately I’ve been exploring a lot the synthesized sounds using audio-to-midi adapters (both the monophonic Sonuus G2C as the GK hexaphonic pickup) and have enjoyed it quite a lot. Specially the bassy ones.
Somehow involved with Linux since 1998 but never got to be a programmer. Graduated Mechanical engineer and responsible for all the mechanical aspect of our devices.
The main reason I work in the MOD project is that somehow I believe it is cheaper than buying all the effects and gear I want to have :wink:
Jokes aside, I deeply hope each owner of our devices find in it his/her buddy. That one gadget that you take everywhere and that is always capable of helping you, specially by empowering your performance.
I am proud of working with such talented people as the MOD Team and the fact that we have amazing people joining us is even more breathtaking.

My deepest regards to all members of this awesome community.



Awesome hearing everyone’s post! :smiley:

I’m 25. From Philadelphia. Guitar fanatic of 5yrs. Electrician by day :zap: Musician by night :notes:
Haven’t gotten myself into effect pedals just yet, except looping - Boomerang III. Absolutely love the idea behind MOD, its developers, & community. I feel lucky to be a part of it now. I recently received my DUO from the kickstater batch. Just diving into it, and I love it, it only gets better from here too.

Looking forward to whats ahead. And bringing the DUO on stage next.
Here’s my Bands Facebook Page Just started. Like, if you like :wink:


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I’m Hermann, the maintainer of the guitarix project, and the developer of the gx-plugins.
I enjoy my MOD and be really exited about the ideas behind it.


Hi all. I’m a multi instrumentalist from the east coast of the US. I plan to use the MOD primarily with my Chapman Stick. Have been testing it in a dual parallel path config, processing each side of the Stick with its own set of EQ/FX.


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I’m Filipe Coelho, aka falkTX, known for the KXStudio and DISTRHO projects, now working for MOD.
I do pretty much everything related to software that runs on the Duo.


My name’s Chris. I live in Bristol UK, work in technology training and networking. Not bad guitarist, woful keyboard player. Small home hobby recording PC based setup. I record direct with emulated speaker outs or sometimes with a SM57 and 1 watt Marshall.

Heard about the Mod Duo on a podcast and frankly thought it sounded amazing. Decent hardware, construction, with the flexability and power of a Linux based system and community. Can’t wait for August, I’ll be using this for jamming, recording, late night practise, outlandish sonic experiments…

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I’m Jean-Baptiste from Orléans, France. I work in printed circuit board industry and have been a french horn player for many years, playing jazz for ten years. I’m also a big fan of Linux and open source softwares.
I’ve been following the MOD Duo developments since more than a year, with the kickstarter campaign. I’m now a happy Duo owner, thanks to all of those who contributed to this great project!

For now I’m trying to contribute to wiki site, helping make the Duo known. I’m learning to play with the device + Shure beta98H, and the most important, having fun with it :smiley:
When I master it better, I’ll use it during live playing and improvising.

Thanks again to all MOD Duo creators and developers for the great job you did and are still doing!


Hello everybody,

I’m Jeremy Jongepier and I’m a guitarist and singer. Even though I really love vintage stuff I’m also very much into combining my passion for music with my passion for using Linux for musical purposes. So I’ve been playing around with embedded systems like the MOD Duo to use them as effects processors for quite a while.

I’m working as a system and component administrator at Cyso, a very innovative Dutch hosting provider, where I’m maintaining hundreds of Linux servers, building high-availability platforms and doing some third-line support for customers.

Besides making music with Linux and working with Linux I also help out the Linux audio community by maintaining the linuxaudio.org server and I used to be very active within the community (forums, IRC, mailing lists). But since my job at Cyso and being a parent of two kids I neglected hanging around in the community a bit :frowning2:

When it comes to MOD the initiative got me interested since the very beginning but when I saw the MOD presentation at LAC2014 in Graz, Austria, I got very enthusiastic and immediately backed the project when it appeared on Kickstarter. LAC2015 in Mainz only strengthened my enthousiasm so when I was asked if I would like to join the MOD team I was stoked. So here I am, keeping an eye on the MOD server infrastructure, installing new features, keeping everything up-to-date. Besides the sysadmin work for MOD I do some testing of upcoming releases, bug fixes or new features.

So hopefully I find some time to hang around here and be of assistance :slight_smile:

MOD sysadmin

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I’m Guy Sherman. I’m a Software Engineer, guitarist and cornet player. I do a bit of home recording, and dabble with writing LV2 plugins, as well as trying to see as much of Europe as possible while I’m living in the UK. I’ve got my MOD, and it’s excellent! In my spare time I am writing an opensource implementation of OCA OCA Alliance, which is almost bootstrapped enough to get others’ help on it liboca

I’m looking forward to the extension footswitch coming along.



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