GxWah feature request: automatic fade in/out

It would be a great feature for the GxWah to have an automatic fade in of the effect when the expression pedal when the expression pedal is in use and an automatic fade out if no motion of the expression pedal is detected. Perfect would be options to set parameters for fade in / fade out time (e.g. values from 0.01 to 1 second) and sensitivity for activation of the fade in/out (e.g. MIDI CC values from 1 to 10). The time how long the effect will be activated after an fade in event should also be adjustable.

This would simplify and speed up the switch on/off process of the wah effect… as most Morley wah pedals are equipped with such an option.
You don’t have to switch a separate button to (de)activate the effect, just start moving the expression pedal and the wah effect is in the signal chain. If the pedal is not moved the signal is unaffected.

This feature should not be confused with an auto- or touch-wah :wink:



That’s a really good suggestion!
I’ve made it as a extra, GUI-less LV2 plugin here:

Someone (falktx ?) need to add a MOD UI and load it up to the plugin store.
Fade-in/out times could be set in the range of 0.1ms to 1455ms
I’ve already a lot of fun with this.



ah cool.

Should we fork it, or do PRs?
For the gx_voxtb.lv2 I ended up making it a fork as it was much easier to work with vs patching a release tarball.

Just fork it, Filipe.

great, thanks very much!

I’ll post here the results.

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Wow, you guys are really fast. Fantastic! :+1:

As you are just working on it… it would be really nice to have a parameter for the activation sensitivity:
when I use my Kemper live on stage sometimes it happens that the wah is accidentaly activated just by the vibrations which causes the expression pedal (I use a Mission Engineering SP-1) to send MIDI CC +/-1 all the time.

An accidental activation could be prevented by optionally reducing the sensitivity.

FYI gxswitchlesswah is now online in the store.

vintage fuzz master and slow gear will come very soon.
just need to add a little comment there…

Sorry for revamping this but I see this is a nice wah that almost suits my needs. It would only need two more conditions: turn it off when value is <= or >= of X (so I can choose to turn it off when pedal is either full down or full up) AND pedal has stopped moving by Y msecs. Would it be possible to add this feature?

The solution I found does work but it’s a bit laggy

Request mapped.
While reading your post I could just thing about CV plugins, but then…

I checked this and learnt that your thought about it too. Maybe you can tweak it to get better otherwise I would say that it is a bit of a developer decision if he wants to implement the requests on some sort of “GxWah 2”

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Wouldn’t be easier to add an optional behaviour rather than writing a clone?

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Sorry, I don’t understand this request, Could you describe a bit more what you ask for,

value is <= or >= of X

makes me confuse. If only I understand what you mean, I may be able to implement that.

Sorry, I’ll try to be more specific.

Currently, when you stop moving pedal, it turns off gracefully in the mix after Y msecs, no matter what’s last position of the pedal.

What I mean (and Fractal Audio does perfectly) is to consider 2 parameters to turn off the wah:

given a pedal range movement value (X) between 0 and 100 (0 for full up, 100 for full down)

  1. if pedal position is X<10 or X>90
  2. AND pedal is not moving by Y msecs

then turn off the effect. As soon the pedal moves again, activate the effect (no matter the position or time for the activation)

So I can decide to consider turning off the pedal only when is almost full up, almost full down or both and only after 2 seconds have passed by last pedal movement.


Ah, okay, that makes sense.
I’ll do it. Give some day’s.
I think I could implement it an way that it didn’t interference with the old pedal behaviour, so that it could be a update instead a new pedal.