Global BPM not saved in pedalboard preset

now that we have global BPM, would it not be reasonable to have the current global tempo saved with the pedalboard preset? i can certainly see good arguments on both sides; maybe it could be an option? i.e. when saving a pedalboard preset, we get a checkbox to indicate save global BPM or not?


Intriguing idea! Besides the implementation effort – where do you see the downsides?

say you’re playing something which requires setting the tempo by tapping, because from performance to performance the tempo is not the same, but which requires a change of pedalboard preset while the tempo stays the same. so, you’ve set the tempo for this performance, but then it gets changed by a saved global tempo when you change presets. BAD. :slight_smile:

so, really, it wouldn’t be the saving of global tempo that could be problematic, but the rather mandated changing of tempo when recalling the preset. i guess there might be two solutions to that:

  • always save the tempo with presets, but have a global “recall tempo with presets” on/off option
  • have the ability to save presets as either “tempo-enforcing” or “tempo-agnostic”, then we choose as our usage requires.

…i’d probably vote for the latter, but i imagine this might be a hard thing to reach concensus about… :wink:

I’d go with the second approach, too. Being tempo-agnostic is a pedal board feature and not a global property.

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another (sort of related) thing i’ve just noticed: if i set an actuator for the global tempo, and adjust the range in the actuator setup window, the actuator gets saved with the pedalboard, but the range does not.

it seems strange that one is saved, but the other is not. perhaps i’ve filed a bug report…