Fender Twin Reverb 68 Custom PR 186

Fender Twin, captured by @itskais and @jesse

AMP Twin Custom1.json (31.9 KB)
AMP Twin Custom2.json (31.8 KB)
AMP Twin Vintage1.json (53.7 KB)
AMP Twin Vintage2.json (53.5 KB)

These captures are amp only. Cabinet not included.


This is really great!! I’ll test it this afternoon…

Can you share a little bit more? which amp model and position of pots?


It was captured from the real amplifier :slight_smile:

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I think @fer was asking about the amp type (silverface, blackface, year…)

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Got it :slight_smile:

@itskais shall know more details. I am just the delivery boy :wink:

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Twin: Fender Twin Reverb 68 Custom PR 186
Custom1 (ESR .045): Custom channel, bright off, vol 3
Custom2 (ESR .016): Custom channel, bright on, vol 3
Vintage1 (ESR .028): Vintage channel, bright off, vol 4
Vintage2 (ESR .069): Vintage channel, bright on, vol 4

Everything else is at neutral position