Duo X - worth buying in 2023?

It should be an easy enough hack, as easy as changing the USB network default netmask on the dwarf or connecting both with wifi dongles and finding their ip addresses or setting customized hostnames

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There is a procedure documented in Custom IP Address - MOD Wiki
A bit experimental, and of course very technical.
If things go wrong a reinstall of the OS image will get things back to normal.

PS: if picking 192.168.52. as the base IP address, cloud authentication and pedalboard sharing should all still work. we recently added to list of valid IPs on the cloud side, eventually to be used for WiFi stuff.



It may be useful to have the option to change the hostname to be able to use .local suffixes on both

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thanks, @Zavorra & @falkTX
I ordered a first Dwarf some mins ago