Duo X S/PDIF output: Mini-TOSLINK? / Audio interfaces with TOSLINK input?


while I’m waiting for the S/PDIF output to work with v1.9.x release I’m wondering how I can connect that output to an audio interface. Concluding from the connector type and dimension I guess it’s a Mini-TOSLINK jack (TOSLINK - Wikipedia). Is this correct?

Next question is, if you know audio interfaces featuring TOSLINK as well as analog input jacks at a reasonable price? So far I’ve just found S/PDIF audio interfaces with coaxial (cinch) connectors, so I would need to use a converter.

Thanks in advance.

It is not mini-toslink, it is coaxial. So a regular mini-jack to RCA cable usually does the trick to connect it to a soundcard or device that can do SPDIF over coaxial cables.

EDIT: Note that the SPDIF is output only, and it will mirror the main outputs.
You won’t magically get 2 extra outputs in your Duo X, sorry.


Thanks for your quick reply!
So I can probably use it with my old Lexicon Omega audio interface as soon as S/PDIF output works by succeeding firmware releases.

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Hi, I’m having trouble getting my Mod Duo X to output audio via SPDIF. I am connected to a UAD Apollo via a standard mono coaxial RCA to mini jack cable and I get no audio from the Mod at all. Is there anything I need to do make SPDIF active? I have tried running alsamixer and it seems to show SPDIF is active. I have had another device run fine through SPDIF on the Apollo so I know there are no problems on that end. I have also tried multiple cables and still no audio. I’m running the latest firmware ( Sorry to post on this thread, I couldn’t find the button to create a new one… noob!

I feel you. It can be challenging to get S/PDIF working in general depending on hardware (NI Komplete Audio 6 doesn’t seem to work at all), but MOD Duo X (MDX) should be fine without any configuration. Mine had a defective mainboard which needed to be replaced in order to make S/PDIF output working (again). Maybe your device needs to be repaired, too.

Thanks for update @this.ven. I guess I’ll contact support. So since the mainboard was replaced the SPDIF works fine for you now?

Yes. After repair I haven’t had any issues. I’m using S/PDIF with Lexicon Omega and Alesis io|2 interface to record MDX’s output.

Great stuff @this.ven. Glad its all up and running for you now. The kind people at support are going to help me out with a repair so hopefully will be up and running myself in the future.

What’s the pinout for the S/PDIF port?

the pinout of the DuoX S/PDIF port is signal on tip


Thanks much! This might be a wiki/manual item, since it’s not a standard connector for S/PDIF.


Noted, some items on the wiki indeed deserve some more attention, thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I just added that note on the tech specs in the wiki.

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