Drone Programming

Hello, I’ve had the MOD Duo for a few months, and I’m finally getting serious about using it.

Could someone please point me to an example patch or names of objects I need to build a pitched drone patch? I would like to work out on my Jazz Bass in different tonal centers. I’d like to be able to toggle the drone on and off from a foot switch. Setting the tonic with a knob would be amazing. For bonus points, a simple rhythm machine would complete the patch.

Thank you, and I look forward to being a member of the MOD community.


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It sounds like you may be able to achieve this using Stuck, one of the pitch shifters, and a switch plugin.

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply.

Stuck came to my attention in my initial research, but it wasn’t clear how to install it. It’s an unofficial plugin, right? I didn’t find it in the Duo GUI installer.

Hi @skellogg!

If your Duo is updated to 1.5, you can access the settings panel and turn on the community gear on the Shop.

The instructions are in this thread..