Desperately seeking distortion

@Kim I totally agree. Although the classic combination TubeScreamer(level max, drive min)and onyx gave me the sound i was expacting. There is a lot of amp and pedals to go through to find a combination that fits. But that’s the case for almost all the plugins. Some of them behave different than you expect or there are some minor things like knobs are inverted or the mix is only at the detailed view.

Kudos to @brummer for the CollisonDrive - I don’t own the original but it works pretty well in combination with the supersonic - even for high gain stuff.


Overall and personally, I tend to agree with you on both affirmations. Yet, in the end, is not a matter of acknowledging it (I think all of us do…and we have quite a few guitar players in the team), it’s more a matter of time to get it fixed, that’s why…

…it’s cool that MOD is an open platform. It has its blessings and curses, but @brummer here took a great opportunity to show some blesses :slight_smile: (Also great and smart opportunity to promote the CollisionDrive :wink: I still need to try it myself!)

On this, to be honest, I use it on a super distorted high gain sound where I kind of want it to really scream, so perhaps for this reason I don’t really notice the noise that much because it’s part of what I want. I think I use it in one or two more pedalboards, but surprisingly enough for clean sounds. Not really because I love the clean sound of the Titan, but because I was layering the sound to enrich it and felt the cleans of the Titan on that specific case were good enough.

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One of the tricks i tried and worked for me is to use an amp in front of the amp as a drive.

Eg, using onyx as the main amp, running a titan in front of it as a distortion ‘pedal’.

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The noise indeed comes up with Highgain. In clean mode it is not there.

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Good idea! Let me try this as well. But since yesterday there is also the collision drive. For me personally this is already fine. But I will try your trick, by pushing the amp with an amp. This sounds interesting!

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Ok…I need to take a look on my more hardcore pedalboard with it or perhaps simplify it to understand how much of a issue I can feel it to be on my side

I’m not really happy with them, there must be a error in my analysis as they produce to much fizz. There is a other one I’ve done which I like a way more:

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Thanks for your detailed analysis. Good to know that I’m not the only one who find this one well done. :innocent:

As for the HighGain mode, that’s were the HarmonicExiter will be a game changer. I’ve send out a pull request for it already, now it’s up to @falkTX to accept it and push it to the testing store.


Oh… That sounds brilliant! So I am looking forward to the HarmonicExiter. And I decided to sell my external Distortion pedal after testing the ColliosionDrive over the last days. I have a clear view now on this Drive. It is really a brilliant one and it is even better than my pedal! So many thanks for your good work brummer!
I will test the HarmonicExiter as sonn as this is available in Beta and write my comments to this as well. Looking forward to this!

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@brummer sorry, forgot to answer directly

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this original post. I tried the collision drive today and it has some promise. I just need to strike the right balance with it. The HarmonicExciter sounds interesting and I’ll try that when it hits too. I’ll keep trying things as their posted. Hopefully we’ll keep adding to this for people who have distortion issues.


@falkTX When will be the beta of the HarmonicExiter available?

Hi, I think I’ve seen it there…

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Yes! You’re right. Thanks a lot!

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This is such a strange thread to follow, given that the overdrives are one of my favourite things and the MOD platform. So many amazing sounds to be had. The lack of super obvious presets is definitely something I see as a feature not a bug :slightly_smiling_face:


@dbiddle I made lots of comprehensive tests for a good distortion in the last two weeks. My recommendations: Please see below. Simulator plus distortion and then tweaking the sound…
@solobasssteve I now can understand your point of view much better. May at the beginning of using the Mod system you have been more lucky than me. After my tests now I see it with different eyes.
@jon I have to revise my statement about the “weak” distortion effects. I was already surprised when starting using the Dwarf that there are only “sawing” distortions and no “warm” one. Now I was able to create some warm distortion sounds to my taste from even many different distortion effects (even Tube Screamer and honestly I am not a fan of this).

This is one of my attempts to approach the subject. A distortion padelboard with changing simulations.

I came to the conclusion at some point that you shouldn’t use most distortion effects on their own, even if you’re blowing a guitar amp with them (in my case a Roland Blues Cube). I rather want a “warm” distortion, not the glaring gain “saw” and I didn’t achieve that at the beginning and without a simulator. When starting using the Dwarf I thought, I don’t need that when I drive an amp. But I achieved the best effect in my direction when I started to put the simulator in between. The sounds can be tweaked on the simulator and on the distortion effect and this brings the desired results.

And I found my favourite Distrotion effects, the corresponding simulators and I found optimum settings.

My favourite Distortion pedals:
Collision Drive (thanks! @brummer)
Mod DS-1
Bandisto (somehow a secret weappon; Looking forward to the alpha)
GxGouvnor (this makes the Roar)

My favourite Simulators:
Onyx (especially for the warm distortion sounds)
Amp VTS, Wookie setting (for more aggressive sounds)
MDA Combo in different settings (for even more aggressive sounds)

My favourite combination (because of warm distortion sound)
For higher gain (keep in mind that I am not the shredderer) Collision Drive with Onyx / Amp VTS Wookie or sometimes Mod DS-1 with Onyx / Amp VTS Wookie
For lower distortion sound: Bandisto with Onyx (tweakable to lots of sounds needed)


Amp VTS totally underrated!


High gain can be achieved I suppose. Looking at this High gain LV2 amplifier plugin - YouTube I would ask Jarno to share this pedalboard.


Tomorrow night I’ll be testing the MOD Dwarf at high volume in band context for the first time.

I have my “Point Fifty Rhythm” rig and a basic one with the band new Metal Tone in it.

I think I’m on to something but high volumes in the band will bring solace (or despair)

To be continued!


@LievenDV well, please let us know. This sounds intersting. I use the Dwarf in the band since some months and I am more than successful with it.