Delay that detects BPM from Midi

I’m looking for a delay plugin that can detect the BPM from midi.

I play along to a drum/groove machine (Novation Circuit) and I want my delay to be matched to the bpm. Is there currently a delay plugin that can do this?

Ultimately I’m looking for a stereo delay that does ping-pong or different intervals on each side. I use 1/4 note and dotted 1/8 at the same time like David Gilmore…
I play along to my Novation Circuit and I want the delay to follow the BPM.


I think a general solution for mapping a BPM control to some global value would be better here.

If we add transport controls to MOD, and the playback + BPM can be triggered by external midi (using MTC or MMC), then we don’t need plugins to implement that themselves.

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That is a great idea. A global BPM would be great and have the option of setting the BPM by slaving to MIDI. The effects/plugins can get the BPM from the global bpm.


I’d very much welcome such a feature too!

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This is an important part of my performance.

On just about all my songs I use delay and it sounds best when synced to the beat of the song.

I’d also look forward to the transport control so that I can start and stop my machine from the duo with my feet.