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Hello everybody

Happy to be a part of this lovely community. And being able to have direct contact with developers and other users is really amazing.

I’ve been playing around so much with the Dwarf since I got it one week ago. I’m very happy and amazed with it, and I love to dive in and play with all the plugins, build weird and amazing pedalboards etc.

I’ve managed to wrap my head around quite a lot during the last week, and I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of the machine and the web browser pretty well. But when it comes to the CV section I’ve only been able to figure out how to use 3 or 4 of them: The standard CV control, the lfo and the random generator, but the rest of it is hard for me to understand. I have read quite a bit about them, but theres a lot of terms I dont quite understand (I’m pretty new to pedals and effect gear in general)

So, I was wandering if there’s some sort of tutorials somewhere, that dive a bit more into the CV pedals and show some examples of how to use them? Maybe someone would like to make one? It could also be a live stream only about CV plugins where people can ask quistions live and one of you lovely developers could talk about and demonstrate how some of them work.

Btw. I am not using any form of midi atm, so for me personally the midi CV plugins are not a priority.

Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you all<3



Hey mate!

Can I ask what sort of things you are looking to accomplish with CV controls?

Since you’re on a dwarf, the CV is 100% internal.

I am no expert with CV, but the majority of my synthesizers are CV patching based.

I have both the dwarf, and the MDX. But most importantly, I have free time.

If you can give me a rough idea of what you want to accomplish, I’d be happy to experiment and record some content for you.

Hope all is well!


Hey Elk

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it!!

Generally I just want to find out what is possible, and what kind of tools I have at my disposal with this amazing piece of equipment.

But a two things I would really love, is to be able, with one bottom, to turn one og more plugins off and at the same time turning another/others on using CV (and not a utility pedal)

And then to be able, using CV plugin, to turn one knob one way while turning another knob in the other direction.

Hope this makes sense. If not please let me know :slight_smile:
Again, thanks a lot for you time :pray:


I found the following about CV plugins in the wiki.
I haven’t dealt with it myself yet, but I’ll come across it at some point.



Then transfer the possibilities explained by the - among others - live streams to the



Thanks a lot! This looks very helpful :pray:

(Edit): I learned one new thing from the wiki, so it was useful, but would be cool with some more info on these plugins.


By the way, you could also express wishes here.


Good call :call_me_hand:

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I just posted this pedalboard that uses the Control to CV plugin to solve the problem of activating multiple footswitches at once.


I am very familiar with the Control to CV, but thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys for all the help! This is a true community and I’m personally really happy with it :slight_smile:
Thanks @Elk_wrath for your immediate availability to help! Thanks @Sharry for sharing that tutorial (exactly what I was going to do :wink: ). Thanks @khz for the feedback and also sharing that super cool vide (indeed I guess that the guys will cover some stuff of CV in following videos, but we are not really setting up what they should talk about, so it’s up to them). Thanks @malfunction54 for sharing a pedalboard with “the knowledge implemented”. And thanks @Asger_B for asking the question :slight_smile:

@Asger_B, indeed we are aware of the lack on this. We have been discussing quite a lot on how to tackle it. We are staring some work on Plugin documentation and the CV plugins are priority number 1! It’s a shame that a tool that can bring so much benefits to the platform and distinguishes it from pretty much any thing else is so under explained. Even myself sometimes get a bit lost on them and wish to have more places where to find info (sometimes simply that with X CV plugin I can do Y). Documentation will certainly be the first step. Maybe after tutorials will also help.
We are also working on some educational content super simple kind of “with this you can do that”. A preview of that is being worked on the “MOD tips” that we released a few in social media. We plan to start releasing more stuff soon.


@jon Thanks for the reply. Awesome to hear that you’re woking on it! Looking forward to see more. You’ve all done a really amazing job so far, and I just love the Mod Dwarf, and so excited that I will only be able to get more and more creative with this thing in the future :clap: :clap:


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:


Hey matey!

Sorry, took a long weekend off and disconnected.

I see there have been a lot of helpful replies that are pointing you in the right direction.

Do you still want me to work on some videos this week?

Hope all is well!


@Elk_wrath no worries :blush:

Actually I didn’t get much new information or any solutions for my specific requests, but as @jon wrote, the team are prioritising to get more easily understandable material about the CV plugins out.

The response and willingness to help is amazing :clap:

If you have solutions for any of my requests or other tricks that might be helpful, I am of course all ears :grin:


Well, I’ll wait for the improved documentation before I start looking for CV. :wink:
At the moment it would only be of interest but no urgent need.

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I just created a separate topic for it, but I just published 5 pedalboards making use of the CV plugins that have notes explaining how the pedalboards work. This of course is not a substitute for actual documentation, but perhaps it is good enough to get you going! :slight_smile:

You can find the topic here: 5 CV Pedalboards for MOD Dwarf


Thanks Jesse!