Control Chain Footswitch bugs?

Hi there !

I noticed a few weird bugs on my Control Chain Footswitch, looking to see if other users have them as well:

Freezes randomly when switching pedalboards on the Duo X (when it happens the Duo says : “no control chain device detected”, and I have to switch it off and on to get it to work again)

Displays the wrong values, as if it mixed up two of the switches. For instance, it shows on screen 4 (browse between a plugins presets) what is supposed to be shown on screen 1 (browse through snapshots)

Does not load the 10th snapshot and higher (and when it is loaded via the Mod GUI, the footswitch does not show the proper value on the Footswitch screen).

I’m on the last firmwares both on Duo X and Footswitch.

I’m a bit disappointed here, it was supposed to be better than a midi footswitch, but it does a lot less than midi cc allows to do, and it does it poorly. Seems very unstable for now… At least mine is?
Is Mod Devices still supporting the Footswitch, or was it a waste of money to buy it in the first place?
Or is mine broken or something?

It seems like either you found some bug or indeed your Footswitch is faulty. Especially the first thing you reported makes me think about the second option.
Are you somehow able to downgrade the firmware and check if it still disconnects?

Thanks for you answer Jon.
I don’t know how to downgrade but I’ll find out.
Do I need to downgrade both the DuoX and the Footswitch?

The bugs occur when I switch pedalboards, both from the unit or from the webUI, and when I play with snapshots.
For instance, leaving a pedal board with 4 snapshots that work properly, loading one with only three snapshots, and then going back to the first one, and now the Footswitch only browses between snapshot 3 and 4.

Bugs in browsing lists also happen with module presets. On the Shiroverb MKII for instance, the first time I load the pedalboard it works well, but if I load another snapshot, the footswitch will only browse between a few of the presets, getting stuck on some, jumping over some others, and displaying my snapshots names instead of the module’s presets name. Weird!

Looks like some kind of bug, as if data got lost or mixed up when the Duo communicates with the footswitch, especially when loading a pedalboard that had been loaded before on the same session.

I found out that if I unplug and replug the footswitch, and load the pedalboard again, it works fine. But I don’t want to have to do that every time I load a pedalboard, espacially on stage :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome.

I would say to try first just on the Footswitch.

Fair enough. No matter what is triggering that behaviour we will try to help you finding a solution.

Thanks for that.
I don’t see how to download and install former firmwares though, I looked everywhere for a download link to the 0.4.0 version with no success.
But even though I found it, how would I use it with the DuoX, since it requires an up to date Footswitch?
(By the way, I updated the DuoX with the latest beta firmware with the same results).

Is there a way I can upload (and hide) one of my “buggy” pedalboards for someone from the forum (or the very busy Mod team) to try and see if they have the same problems with their Footswitch?
It might save time, and tell us if there’s a bug in data treatment between the Duo and the Footswitch, or if my unit is faulty.

From there, if no one is able to help from the forum, or if my problem is too specific to be shared, maybe I should contact the Mod support, or in the worst case return my Footswitch to my retailer and get a proper midi footswitch instead?

Actually, after I texted you I realized that I was mixing things up. But this triggered another thing and we will start including this in the wiki and sharing the steps to deploy firmware into the Footswitch there as well. I hope to be able to test it, write and publish it over next week. Sorry for my mistake.

Yes. I will be DMing you with the instructions.

That sounds like a proper sequence of steps.

I’ve uploaded one of the “faulty” pedalboards here: FU-MoriYaga #hidden - MOD Devices

Could someone be so kind as to try it on with their Mod Footswitch and see if they have the following weird beraviour (on Mod DuoX preferably)?

  • Load the pedalboard
  • Use switch 3 to go through the shiroverb list of intervals (should show +fifth, +Octave, -Octave, etc.)
  • Use switch 1 (snap) to go through the list of snapshots
  • Use switch 3 again: the list of interval should now wrongly show the names of the snapshots, and while it still browse through the intervals of the shiroverb, it jumps over some, and stays stuck on some others.

Something occured to me: could the “buggy” behaviour come from the presence of beta plugins on the pedalboard, even though none is assigned to the Footswitch?
Edit: just tested with a new clean pedalboard (only shiroverb and snapshots): still the buggy behaviour described previously, so it’s not that.
Also, maybe unrelated but several of my pedalboards don’t have any image on the library. Maybe I should reset my DuoX to factory settings? (how would I do that?)

I have to say: even though I get less and less satisfied with the product, the Mod team does a remarquable job in helping, taking some of their precious time reading through the forum and troubleshooting weird stuff with the users. Kudos to their dedication!

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Could you give this a go on the 1.11-RC1 release?
There was a perhaps related bug fixed since release 1.10.4. Giving it a quick try myself, I cant seem to reproduce it on that release.

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Thanks for your answer, I’m already on that firmware version.
It acts as if it mixed up data and assigned parameters when changing Snapshots or even between different pedalboards.

so good news kinda, I managed to get some similar buggy behaviour after trying a couple of things. After the 1.11 release is out we will have a good look at ControlChain as a whole.

Thanks for all your reports, they are very helpful!


Nice to know I’m not crazy and my Footswitch is ok! :sweat_smile:

Thanks to you both for taking that seriously.
I’ll be patient, the FS still works pretty well for simple operations.

Good luck on the next FW release, and looking forward to those FS improvements. Cheers !