Compiling Pure Data patches and uploading to MOD hardware

I was getting off-topic in the Max subforum wondering about Pure Data now that the Max MODWatcher is offline. I’d be interested in getting my Pure Data patches to work on my Duo X. Is this possible on Mac Os or only Linux? Any resources on how to do this for someone trying to figure this out for the first time?


Following :+1:

Here I somehow show how to use 2 ways of doing so. Let me know if you encounter difficulties

And here another example but using hvcc fork from @dreamer and dpf from falk instead of camomille

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I maintain a branch of HVCC that includes a wrapper for DPF (the plugin framework by falktx that can also build LV2 plugins):

HVCC supports a limited set of pd-vanilla objects →

However there are also abstractions that help to get some extra functionality →

The main advantage compared to Camomile is of course that you get a single compiled binary plugin that is optimized for the target device.

HVCC in itself is just a python based command-line tool you can install using pip install hvcc (should work on mac).
However in order to compile for MOD you need to have mod-plugin-builder working. Likely the easiest way would be via docker (which on macos uses a Linux vm).

I am still gathering ideas on making some general example patches for the various targets (we support things like Unity, javascript/webassembly, OWL, Daisy, and DPF). Hopefully later this year I have a couple example plugins that could also run on MOD (likely without GUI though).


I gave up trying to run the docker method, the available images are only targeting mod hardware and I tried from scratch to have raspberrypi4 as a target.

On a Linux vm with debian 11 is easy peasy tho, just need to find some time to try and create the mk files for mod plugin builder and see if its easy to do

Edit: the GUI can be done in an eye blink. Ping me if you need some, I have it all set to build them

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Well there is mod-sdk of course, but imo that’s very ugly and too generic :slight_smile:
I’ve been looking at ways that pd canvas objects and placement could be used to design at least a basic layout, but no progress there yet.

Really need DSP examples first, and GUI will come later.