Can't share Pedalboard


When pressing “Share” it takes a few seconds while the violet progress bar is slowly progressing, until a bug notification appears, saying: Bug! Couldn’t validate pedal board, error: error

How to reproduce

recreate the pedalboard, by using the screenshot provided (since I cannot share it…) and press share.
left “midi to cv” - pitch - triggers “lowshelf frequency” of “x42-eq”
right “midi to cv” - pitch - triggers “gain1” of “x42-eq”

Expected/suggested solution

I can share this pedalboard

not sure if this is related in any way, but since I had an issue sharing something before, I thought I provide the info…

this time however the creation of the screenshot worked, i can see it in the library

Additional information

I updated all plugins a few days ago, so this should not be an issue…

System Information
Buffer Size: 128 frames
Sample Rate: 48000.0 Hz
DSP Load: 71.8%
Unit: MOD Duo
Build Date: 2022 Jun 07 19:50:59
OS Version:
Machine: armv7I
Release: 5:10.33-rt37-modduo
Version: #2 SMP PREEMPT_RT
Tue Jun 7 19:50:05 UTC 2022

Thanks for you help!


pedalboard site is down and might be for a while …

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Plugin installation seems to be broken too.


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Had the same experience yesterday (plugin store not available)

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…and I was hoping it was due to maintenance of the pedalboard feed :see_no_evil:

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What do you mean?