Brummer - ModularAmpToolKit

Tested them on Friday. They sound absolutely awesome !!! Thanks a lot for this


You were right about that—it sounds amazing. I’m going to experiment with multiple instances of the 12AU7 preamp tubes in parallel and in series, pre and post, since the clone I had used four tubes.


Nice to hear that. Hope you enjoy the experience with the other plugs as well.


@brummer @Kim

Great job and cool collab!
These will be subject to testing on my “Heavy Metal bench of pain” soon.

Any suggestions to start from when aiming for a heavily saturated fat high gain sound but kept tight? :smiley:

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I could imagine using the PowerAmpImpulses behind the MetalTone will suite your needs to form the tone. As well, the PreAmpImpulses before the MetalTone may give you some results you are after. I guess in such a scenario the Tube plugs won’t help you much, as the work is already done by the MetalTone. One exception may be using the PowerAmpTubes as limiter/compressor as last plug. Sounds strange first, but works very well.


Like 'm! Thanks @brummer! These plugins allowed me to dial in a breaking up guitar quite nicely. Tube Screamer in front and go!


I’m using the PowerAmp Tubes after GxSVT and VeJa Roamer to add in just a little bit of a different grit flavor - and some thickness with the Roamer - and it’s so great to have in order to change up the flavor as much or as little as I want. I haven’t even gotten to the PreAmp Tubes or either Impulses, but I love the modularity.


Thanks for feedback, I’m glad that those plugs turns out to be useful.

Thanks for the tips!
Surley going to try that this week but didn’t have the chance to properly sit down in my studio/attic yet.
I’ll let you know what my findings are!

A small demo of how the plugins sound like. Recorded with a 1974 Gibson SG with T-Tops. Really nice plugins Hermann! Lot of fun!


Very nice, Jeremy. :metal:

Implemented a few of these today - two stages of tube preamp at the start and a tube poweramp model just before my speaker sim. Amazing. Really great addition to the MOD toolkit


I followed Uncle Steve’s example and put two 12AU7 models in series before the GxAlembic (versus my previous attempt with them in parallel), paired it with an HPF and compressor, plugged the Dwarf directly into my Wayne Jones powered 2x10 and the tone is INSANE. I’m using this setup live this weekend—just the Dwarf with no physical preamp.


Had some interesting results durign my lunchbreak today!

My latest tests brought me to this setup

pedal section
MetalTone and Centaur in parallel

they go into…

Mesa Boogie Style
Fender style


EVH style
DV style


3x PowerAmpTube
push pull EL84

(finish up with a gain control and Cab sim)

Need to test it “live” though
This still needs to be tested on a real 2x12 cab but so far it sounds very promising
Mixing and matching the pre and power amp was an interesting step and turning on /off the 3 power tubes brought avaried set of results. I didn’t play around with the controls a lot, except for maybe the tone knob on both amp sims.

I tried pre-amp tubes but that didn’t work too well for me. I ended up having brittle/harsh/cluncky sounds.

Dreaming out loud

Stacking up power tubes gets my interface filled up easily; a 2x, 3x, 4x switch would have been handy for testing AND pedal board estate.

A similar module for popular high gain pre-amp “pedal” options would be handy in this setup.
or TS versions
Centaur versions
A toned down Metal Tone*

I’m still in the market for a “less extreme Metal Tone” though.
I usually only use the first 10 tot 20% of it’s “distortion” range and I can’t dial in a lower range than the lowers. above 40% it goes nuts in my setups :smiley: Having more room to tweak and play along that taper would be very welcome! as a module, I could throw it in the stage I want to experiment but then it would need to be able to do less of that “base distortion”.
For now, it still is one of my most used plugins though! Perhaps a signature “Point Fiftty” edition or something :wink:

btw, My latest setup had to throw in the recently (beta) released Portals to cut down the CPU use. It had a massive positive effect on the CPU load.

Let me finish with:
Thanks @brummer | last couple of weeks have been quite exciting for people like me on this community and it just keeps on coming. I don’t take it for granted, I may not know the fine details of developing these things but I know what energy and effort goes in those last 20% of the result (that often require 80% of the effort…)…which people often might not even notice right away.


Yes, that was to be expected. They are not been made for high gain input. I may add a other pre amp module suitable for high gain input.


Still got to test those is less gainy setup though.

Sounds neat!