Background noise Mod duo X

Hi, my Mod Duo X has background noise. Nothing is plugged in. Not connected via usb. Just listening through headphones. It’s quiet crackling noise combined with something pulsating.
I need it for very quiet concerts with lots of silence and this way i can’t use it or hook it up to a PA sytem.
I updated but still the same…Does anyone know of this problem/and or know a solution?
I have to act quickly, because i need to send it back to the shop before my return time period is over.
kind regards

I wish the Mod Duo X was as quiet as this forum…


Hello Wes,

There is a batch of units that have gone out into the wild where the audio fidelity is not optimal.
However, we have recently updated the circuity to the Mod Duo X and have fixed the audio issue that you have reported. We would like to get your unit to our facility so that we can apply the fix to your device. Could you please write to with the serial number of the Mod Duo X and with your shipping details.

Thank you for replying!
A combination of deadline/time management have led me on a different creative route now, so i have send it back.
I wish you all the best with your products.
kind regards

I also have one of these noisy units (same circumstances described). I will be writing to see what I can do to fix the issue. Thanks!

I have the same issue on my ModDwarf beta unit which just arrived today, and I made a comment on another forum post where others experienced it: [solved] High noise level at all times - #22 by ericfontainejazz

A partial solution is to get an audio ground isolator (I have one for $6 from PJRC Store though they can be found elsewhere). That dramatically cuts down on noise in the headphones.

Though at least there is no noise on the actual balanced line outputs, when routed to another mixer or interface which accepts balanced line as input.

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Thanks for sharing this hack!
On the Dwarf side I would ask you to report that on the bugs section of the Dwarf beta testers thread.
As it is a new device and still in testing productions, raising the issue now may help us getting a fix applicable for the production stage.